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Monday, March 27, 2017

Best facial tanner!

It's the time of year where we all want to be a little more tan. I've been experimenting with self tanner and I finally found one that I love and it is in spray form!! This is perfect for the face and really helps to blend my melasma. Best part- affordable and I can have it shipped to me from my Amazon Prime account!!! I just spray my face, neck and chest, let it dry for a couple minutes, and apply my Maskcara products right on top.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Introducing Maskcara Beauty

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I'm so excited to announce that I've joined Maskcara Beauty as an artist! 

What does this mean? I can now color match you, help you select products, and ring you up! I think as a makeup artist, this is going to be so great for my clients to actually get to take home products that I use on them that they love! 

Why do I love Maskcara? Because it's so easy that anyone can do it! And because the products are affordable!!! It is so important to me that clients can purchase without breaking the bank. With Maskcara, your foundation shades are only $12 each. Your full face with compact is $48. How amazing is that?

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Interested in trying it out? Check out my link: 

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Want to join me on this venture? Maskcara is taking limited new artists, so jump on before new registrations close. We have three starter kits to choose from ranging from $50 to $400. And we are launching new products including an amazing setting spray! Just enter my artist #2132

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Any questions? 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Best in Beauty 2016, Part 2

Now that you've seen my skincare favorites, let's get into the good stuff. I started off 2016 saying I was not going to buy new makeup. I have literally outgrown my makeup room and need to use what I have. I was successful at not buying things like foundations and glosses, but eyeshadows are my weakness and I need them all. I definitely have my favorites for certain things. Some may have come out before 2016, but nonetheless they are still a favorite for this year.

Face Makeup:


Elizabeth Arden Pravage foundation spf 30- Great throw on and go makeup with spf. It has a nice coverage, nice hydration, and feels like skincare.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation- This is my HG. Combined with miracle cream and wonder glow, this makes my skin look plump and youthful and makes all my melasma less noticeable.

Urban Decay All Nighter foundation- This was my favorite full coverage makeup. I don't often reach for a full coverage, but I do love this formula for coverage. It doesn't feel heavy or dry or tight.

Honorable mention- Gerda Spillman Biofond cream foundation. This product is expensive, but the coverage is nice and it is wonderful on dry skin.


Most people who know me know that I despise primers. I don't believe in them, they are a waste of money and only created as another way to sell a consumer an extra product. I believe in prepping with skincare. That said, I love Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow and Becca Backlight Priming Filter. Though I don't use them as "primers' in the sense to make my foundation last longer or fill in pores. I use them for the light reflecting properties under my foundation. It's the only way I have found to cover my melasma without leaving the look of a shadow through my foundation.


Wander Beauty Wanderlust Powder Foundation- Before this I had certain powders that I liked okay, but nothing that I loved. This powder really rocked my world this year. It is smoothing, non drying, doesn't cake under my eyes, wears all day, and feels like nothing on the skin. And the coverage is great. It's everything you could want in a powder.

Lorac Porefection Baked Perfecting Powder- This powder is very underrated in the beauty community. It is great alone for a light-medium coverage, and even better as a setting powder over a liquid foundation. The formula contains salicylic acid making it great for even acne prone skin.

Honorable Mentions- Though these didn't make favorite status, they are still really great and deserve a mention- Bare Minerals Ready Touch-up powder in translucent. I love this powder for setting my concealer. Bravon Beauty The Eraser Tinted Diffusion Powder in translucent. This powder is invisible on the skin and works over any other product. Lancome Absolute Peche loose powder. This powder has a beautiful glow to it that makes any flat, matte, foundation look healthy and luminous.


Charlotte Tilbury The Retoucher- great, great, lightweight, natural looking concealer. Easy to use. I have three shades that I mix and match. Looks excellent anywhere on the face.

Tarte Shape Tape- I really didn't want to like this concealer because I am angered at the fact that Tarte puts more effort into entertaining influencers, than keeping products in stock for the paying customers. But, alas, it is fantastic. Full coverage, non creasing. Expanded shade range. I highly recommend it when you can find it in stock!


I don't really use a lot of bronzer. I don't contour or any of that silly stuff. I like the look of skin and the real shape of a person's face, not a recreated one. But, I still have a couple bronzers that are natural looking and work really well for me.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow- Duh, this had to be on here. The color is fantastic. The formula is fantastic. The packaging is gorgeous. It makes you feel fabulous just owning it.

Gorgeous Cosmetics Endless Summer Bronzer- I found myself reaching for this neutral toned bronzer during my entire wedding season this year. I used it on countless wedding parties and it worked on everyone.

Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer- One of the few drugstore products that I love. The smell is delectable. The color is perfect. And the formula is like butter.


I don't contour and I also don't care for highlighter. I occasionally do a very soft and subtle glow, but not the outlandish gleam from outer space that is trending still. For myself, I look to my skin prep to give me the glow I want. But, for bridal parties no one has that kind of time. So, this palette was my go to this year.

Anastasia Sun- Dipped glow palette- The colors in the palette are all beautiful. The formula is nice. And it was easy to pack in my kit.


I have at least 100 blushes in my collection. So many, that I rarely use one twice. It was very hard to pick a favorite. Had I picked by just color, I'd have picked my Mac Tipsy from the original launch that is long discontinued. I haven't found a suitable dupe for it yet. I also have a Borghese blush that I reached for much of 2015 that is still one of my favorites. But this year I'm judging by formula alone and not color.

Powder Blush- Bravon Beauty Susumi Suede Blush. I bought every shade in this line. Bravon uses only high quality ingredients and no binders. So, you will find that these will kick up some dust when using. But, the pigmentation and blendability on the skin is what makes them so great. He was very thoughtful in the color range he presented and covered all skintones. There's a reason he has such a great and loyal following of fans.

Cream blush- I am a huge believer in creams. I prefer them over powders any day. And my very favorite formula is Senna Cosmetics Cheeky Blush. The cream to powder formula sets to a beautiful non tacky finish. It's great for layering or wearing alone.


Microblading ruled 2016 and will be even bigger in 2017.

That being said, it doesn't get better for me than the It Cosmetics universal brow pencil.


Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume and Curl mascara- A new discovery this year and instant favorite. It makes my lashes lush and beautiful, and it doesn't transfer to my brow bone.

It Cosmetics Superhero- When I want drama, this mascara is it. It is thick and black and wow. The only setback is it is very hard to remove. But, it doesn't transfer to my brow bone either.


Both lipliner and eyeliner go to Bravon Beauty this year. I didn't try many formula's because I already have a drawer full I don't use. But, I own all of Bravon's and reach for them more than anything. His color selection is everything you need, and nothing more. They last well on the waterline as well as the lashline and lipline. And they wash off easily with my face wash.

Eye Primer:

You're gonna think I'm crazy, but I rarely use an eye primer. I just think quality products don't need primer. If you have oily lids, I can see the need for something, but my lids are normal and I don't need it. When I do, I have a drawer full and I just grab one. They all work equally for me.

Cream Shadow:

My favorite! I love creams.

Mally Shadow Sticks- never fail, easy to use, beautiful colors.

Charlotte Tilbury pots and pencils- same as Mally, never fail, easy to use, beautiful colors.

Wander Beauty liquid eyeshadows- Small color selection but I can literally out these on with no mirror, blend with my finger, wait a few seconds, and walk out the door. They are idiot proof. Anyone can use these no matter their experience or talent with makeup.

Powder Shadows:

I am an eyeshadow hoarder. I love color, I love shimmer, I love palettes. And, I don't care about price.

Tom Ford/ Charlotte Tilbury quads- luxurious, amazing quality, and you get a ton of product for the cost.

Bravon Beauty- great price, loose shadows have every color imaginable, matte pressed shadows are some of the best matte's I've ever used.

Eyeshadow Palette:

Senna Cosmetics Decades palettes- Especially the 90's palette. This concept was unique, the Senna formula is amazing, and the color schemes are all very thought out. You'll feel nostalgic wearing these. When I thought back on all the palettes that came out this year, this was the most memorable one.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance- I didn't want to listen to the hype, but the reds in this palette won me over. I love red, cranberry, rust, and berry shadows

Stila Soul palette- I reached for this so much this year for wedding parties. The colors all work so well together for all the ladies who want those warm eye looks.

I will say, I didn't meet an eyeshadow I didn't like this year. I have so many I'd be embarrassed to count them all. And they are all great.


It was the year of the liquid matte lipstick. The controversial Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks are still one of my favorite formula's ever. I hate that he is so despised when he makes such a good product. I'm hoping for Jeffree to make amends with all the people in the world that he has hurt and to pull a Justin Bieber and do something to make people like him again. That being said, there are so many good lip products out there now. I have super dry lips, so most of the time I'm just wearing lip balm. But, when I want to reach for something, these are it.

Jouer liquid lipstick- Comfortable matte in wearable colors. No blues or grays in this line.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution- A very unique matte formula that is comfortable and non drying.

Bravon Beauty Motto Matte Moisture lipstick- matte and moisture? you got it. High pigment lip colors. Great color selection. These do not set to a complete matte.

I'm not a gloss person so no favorites from me. I still use and love my Mally High Shine glosses with the click pens when I want a gloss.

2017 is going to be the year of the gloss I think. The matte lips are gonna fade and the high shine lips are gonna be back. I think we will still be seeing the metallic trend carrying over in more subdued shades. I am hopeful that skin will be in and the layers upon layers of makeup trend will fade away. I think we are gonna see more of a natural glam look this year with influence on the 70's. I think color is also gonna make a scene and we are gonna see more playful and fun makeup looks. I want to see people going back to looking like themselves rather than turning themselves into a completely different person, unrecognizable without makeup.

What are you hopes for the makeup scene this year? What were your favorite products of 2016? What's on your wishlist for 2017? I know my main want items are the Natasha Denona palettes and Cozzette shadows.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Best In Beauty 2016- part 1

2016 was an amazing year for beauty companies. There are so many great products on the market that's it's becoming harder to pick favorites. I can't even really remember any bad products that I tried this year except for the couple items I'll mention at the end. I'm so excited to see what 2017 will bring us!

I want to start by mentioning a few brands that I found to be very consistent with both quality and ease of use. I find that anyone of any age can benefit and quickly use and get out the door with any of these lines.

I want to start with my high end favorite, which is no surprise to people who know me-

Charlotte Tilbury

My other favorite is also no surprise since I actually have a Facebook fan group for this line, and this is my favorite Indy brand from my friend Bravon Pascua-

Bravon Beauty

Lastly, but not least, is my favorite newly discovered product line. I have actually had the fortune of talking to the co-creator of the line and tried many of the products. I think we are going to see big things happening for them next year and this is-

Wander Beauty

2016 has been the year I re-discovered a passion for skincare. I kind of dove head first into finding products that work, and discovered a whole world of pharmaceutical and medical grade skincare lines. I actually use very little consumer products anymore.

My favorite cleanser comes from Elemis. This is a European spa line of skincare, that I have found works great on my sensitive and acne prone skin. The Cleansing Balm has a fresh scent and once water is added, will slightly froth and lift up makeup and grime without stripping the skin. It is pricy, but worth it.

While we are talking about Elemis, they also made the cut with my favorite facial oil. The superfoods oil is a powerhouse on dry and sensitive skin. I keep it beside me bed as a last step over my nightly skincare.

My favorite day cream comes from Charlotte Tilbury. The Magic Cream really is Magic on my skin. It primes as well as moisturizing and I always feel like my makeup looks better with it on.

If you are over 35, such as I, a vitamin C serum is a great addition to your routine. I love Skinceuticals CE Ferulic. Only a couple drops will do, and the natural glow starts coming back to the skin. I knew after the first couple days of use that this would be my favorite this year.

My favorite anti-aging product is my Refissa tretinoin cream. If you are experiencing collagen loss or wrinkles, tretinoin is a game changer. Start slow, it's very potent.

If you struggle with texture issues and large pores, an exfoliant can be your best friend. My favorite is actually a cult favorite and for good reason. The Paula's Choice 2% bha liquid is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin like mine, but strong enough to do its job. And the price point is great.

Last, but arguably the most important is my favorite spf product. Spf is makeup is not enough. You must use an spf under makeup as well. I tried many medical grade spf's this year, and the one I like the best is from Elta MD, the physical broad spectrum spf 41 (tinted). It plays nice under makeup, adds extra coverage, and doesn't burn my eyes.

Stay tuned for part 2

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Say Yes to the Prom Experience

I was so honored and privileged to have the opportunity this past week to be a part of Dinair Airbrush Makeup's pro team for a wonderful cause. For the past several years, TLC has hosted a special prom edition of 'Say Yes to the Dress' to benefit deserving teens who otherwise would not be able to attend prom. The kids chosen excelled in school and worked hard to have good grades and attendance.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous when I got there. It was my first ever back stage type of job. I have worked many a large wedding, but never with press running around and camera's constantly looming over us. It was exciting for sure, but I still worried that I would somehow mess up or embarrass myself. The majority of my clientele has been Caucasian and Asian women, so working on darker skin tones, though I know color theory and the how to of matching color, worried me. (This is not because I won't or don't want to work on dark skin. I love and embrace all color and skin tone. I just have not had that much opportunity in my career, other than my time working at a retail counter.) I wasn't as much worried that I couldn't do it. I was more worried that if I showed that if I showed any lack of confidence or doubt of what I was doing, that I would hurt someones feelings or make them feel inferior and I would never want to do that.

Call time was at 8:00. We showed up, selected our stations and set up for the day. Dinair gave us all pink t-shirts to change into so we all matched and would be discernible from the sea of black around us. Alongside us were students from Paul Mitchel schools, and JC Penney artistry team members. Then there was the plethora of assistants. press, TLC employees, guides for the students, and students. At some points during the day I couldn't take two steps in any direction without stepping on someone. We had several hours to just chill and hang out before we started working, so many of us took pictures and posted on social media and made small talk. Monte came into the room to welcome us and take selfies with us all, which he let us know that he was a pro at and to just let him do it. He was such a kind and professional man. I, of course, had to take selfies with Robbie and Dina as well.

Around lunch time we had some girls slowly start coming into the room to get their makeup done. I took advantage of the time to watch some of Dinair's educators work and to learn from them. I love watching other artists work. Everyone has something to offer, whether it be technique, color combinations, placement, etc..

I had the opportunity during this time of waiting to do the makeup for a young woman who worked with the show. It was a very natural look, but it did relieve some nerves I had. She was very nice and it made me a little more confident that I deserved to be there.

We (artists) were all paired with a hairdresser so that we could tag team all the girls and get all 55 of them done in the 2 hour time period we were allotted. It made it difficult for my partner because she was about 2 feet shorter than me and we had a very tall chair. I got my work done as quickly as possible to give her more flexibility to work. We ended up getting to work with two very beautiful and deserving young ladies. They were both so happy to be there and to experience it all. I was just as happy to be a part of it with them.

I ended up doing a great job. I was happy with my work. I always go into jobs full of nerves, but I think the nerves actually make me do better. I would be more worried if I was never nervous because then it would mean I didn't care. I hope to have many more experiences like this in my life. I hope this just opens the door to many more opportunities. And now that I have this real life experience, I will go into the next one more familiar, more confident, and more excited.

I just want to thank Robbie and Dina and all of the Dinair family for giving me this chance. I chose to chase my dreams in my 30s. I am still chasing this dream. If it weren't for opportunities like this, some of us would give up and never think we could make it. Now I know I can do this, I can do anything when I set my mind to it.

I currently work and reside in Louisville, KY. I am a cosmetologist, makeup artist, and I do eyebrow microblading. I hope to add eyelash extensions at some point. If anyone out there needs any of these services, please give me a shout.

I love working with brides, doing prom makeovers, magazine print, and am up for any opportunity.


Friday, February 26, 2016

Senna Slipcover Pro Palettes- review

Senna Cosmetics is known in the makeup industry for making amazing pro quality makeup. These slipcover palettes are my favorite because they dry matte for oily skin, or I can add a drop of oil or moisturizer for dry skin. I can customize the coverage, and I can mix colors. The shade range is great, though I'd like a white and black shade.

The blush palettes are true to color and super pigmented, for all but the shade Bordeaux. It's very sheer with some shimmer. 
The blush 1 palette consists of 7 shimmer and 3 matte shades, all in neutral wearable shades.
The vivid blush palette is all matte and amazing for in your face color and deeper skin tones.

The foundation shades are very consistent in pigmentation and blend ability. My shade is Ivory. These can be used as all over foundation, concealer, highlighter, and contour. Specific shades for amazing highlight are Banana, for light to medium and Amber, for tan to deep skin tones. Coco is a great taupey brown and amazing for contour on light to medium skin. Espresso is also a great deep, cool, eggplant brown, for contouring dark skin. 

You can tell when a cosmetic line is created by an artist when the shade range is so diverse and all inclusive. I appreciate that in a company. If you are looking to add some palettes into your kit, you can't go wrong with these. I find that applying with fingers makes them the easiest to spread with the heat from your body melting them in. 

Senna also makes the best brow palette. 

Senna offers a pro discount through their boutique and you can also find them at Nigel's and Frends.