Zinc C Thera-Serum

Malibu Wellness Zinc C Thera-serum

A year ago I attended a hair show in Nashville and was fortunate enough to get to talk to the spokesperson for Malibu Wellness. At the time I had heard of the products, but had never tried them. I left with some brochures and a huge curiosity. Recently, I came across the products again and after researching for a couple of weeks, decided to give them a try. I purchased several hair products and this face serum.

According to the product description and website:

What It Is:

The original naturally-derived, fresh-dried, preservative-free L-ascorbic acid form of vitamin C combined with the correct percentage of zinc proven in clinical studies to gently, yet effectively kill bacteria on skin.

What It Does:

The freshly activated L-ascorbic form of Vitamin C (the only form of vitamin C clinically proven to scavenge free radicals known to cause inflammation) helps prevent the degradation of skin’s collagen, normalize the natural exfoliation rate of skin and improve the appearance of skin affected by acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Features & Benefits:

Soothes skin & helps prevent irritation

Helps to reduce the oozing of capillaries or the fluid released from inflamed tissue

Normalizes the natural exfoliation rate of skin for a healthier looking, even-tone complexion

Quickly absorbs into deeper layers to help promote healthier natural collagen production and cell renewal

Refines and minimizes the appearance of large pores to improve the look and feel of skin

Naturally engineered to donate electrons to help scavenge free radicals defending against UV rays, pollution and other environmental aggressors that can cause premature signs of aging and exacerbate inflammatory conditions

Beneficial for all ages and skin types, especially sensitive/problematic skin

Fragrance-free, oil-free, non-acnegenic, hypo-allergenic

Food-grade ingredients

Wellness Remedy to Soothe & Improve the Appearance of Skin Affected by:





Comedones (Blackheads)


Diaper Rash


Keratosis (Pre-cancer)

Hand Irritation




Poison Ivy


Post Surgery





When you purchase the product it comes in three pieces. The airtight container unit, The serum base refill, and the powder packet. You open the container and place the refill into the container and pour the powder into the serum and stir. You then screw the airtight lid onto the container and pump the air out. This keeps air out and guarantees the freshness of the ingredients. I apply this morning and night after cleansing and/or exfoliating my skin. The serum feels like aloe gel and applies very wet. It stings slightly when I first apply but goes away quickly. It has a nice smell that reminds me of melon. After a couple of days I have noticed  a tremendous improvement to my face. My redness has diminished and my acne is clearing up. My face texture is also much smoother. I can't say enough wonderful things about this serum. I am so impressed I am offering it for sale twelve dollars under retail in my store.

If you have problem skin, this is definitely an affordable option.



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