Revlon Doubletwist mascara

Left- Lancome Hypnose Drama, Right- Revlon Doubletwist

My new favorite mascara is this Revlon Doubletwist. At first it was very awkward. The brush is part comb and part brush. It takes some playing to get the lashes coated. But once you get it on, it really thickens the lashes well and also does a good job at lengthening. It reminded me a lot of my Hypnose Drama mascara. The color is very black like the Hypnose, but unlike the Hypnose it dries to a very matte finish. The Hypnose has a slightly glossy finish. The Doubletwist almost appears to have a hint of a blue-black tint. I like that though, because it makes the white of your eyes look brighter. The Hypnose Drama is my favorite department store mascara because the look is so dramatic. This is a very comparable mascara at one third of the price. I got mine at Fred Meyer for $8.99 buy one get one free. You can buy it online here. The Hypnose Drama is available here



Update 10/28/10  *** I hate this mascara and wand. Maybe it was the elevation or lack of humidity in alaska that made me originally like it, but here in Kentucky it does nothing for me. The brush is complicated and hard to use and I do not recommend purchasing.

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