Alaska Beauty

So, I came to Alaska for 15 days to take care of some personal business and thought I'd spend some time shopping around for some local products. The one thing I found that I'm really excited to try is the Alaskan glacial mud products. There are two products- the purifying mineral mud masque and the exfoliating mineral soap bar. I found these in several local shops ranging from three dollars to thirty-six dollars. They are made from pure mud found in the Copper River when I get home and do a full review.

I had a hard time finding other products that were made local. I did end up getting a Bare Escentuals Buzzworthy kit at the local Nordstrom. Yes, there's a Nordstrom in Alaska but not within a hundred miles of where I live in Indiana. This is one of my favorite purchases this year... and I will do a full review once I get home. The cosmetic counters at Nordstrom were on the ground floor and were shoved as close together as possible into one corner of the floor. I could not tell one brand from another because there were multiple brands at each counter. The sales ladies were very stand-offish and were not even trying to help me, except for one young girl I found. I had intended on trying out some Laura Mercier foundations, but changed my mind once I saw the place. I'll wait to go to Macy's (my former employer) when I get home.

A couple brands I haven't heard of that I am going to go look at more are Tokyo Milk and Butter London.They are carried by a shop called About Face in Anchorage. There are many natural and organic products that are common to department stores and then the few that I haven't heard of.

Overall the Alaska beauty scene was very disappointing. I was hoping to find a lot of Canadian products. I did find some shampoos and may go back to get them before I leave. And there was a huge selection of Styli-style products that we don't have locally at home. I'm not giving up, though. I have eight more days to shop and will give a review of the products I find at a later date.



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