What is beauty?

I have been watching Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty on VH1 and it got me wondering what my idea of beauty is. Growing up in a small town in central Kentucky, my mother was the most beautiful person I knew. She didn't wear much make-up; with four kids she couldn't afford it. Yet, she still had the smoothest skin, a beautiful smile and silky hair. She was a beauty. She would come to my class to pick me up from school and the little boys would whisper how pretty she was. Would she still be considered so beautiful in today's world?
The television and magazines constantly tell us we need to be thin, have white teeth, and buy expensive beauty products to be beautiful. We have truly lost the natural beauty in our lives. I admit I love my make-up and consider myself to be far from a natural beauty. I love the look of eyeliner and lipstick. But, that is not true beauty.What is really beautiful is my daughter when she wakes up in the morning, or my son when he sees a dinosaur that he knows the name of, or my husband when he looks at me when we lie down at night. I have always heard that beauty comes from within. And that is true to an extent. To me beauty is life. Beauty is in every moment of the day when we experience something new or we laugh with our loved ones or sit down and thank god for the day we lived.
The adolescent boys nowadays would have never given my mom a second look. They are too accustomed to revealing clothing and plastic surgery and high maintenance women to appreciate real beauty. Beauty is real and raw and flawed. It comes in every color, shape and size. Beauty is man, it is woman, it is earth and sea. It is the breath we take and the love we give.
We have to teach our daughters to believe in themselves and be whoever they want to be and not form themselves into the molds society has set. We need more shows like this to encourage and strengthen women of all ages and races to believe in themselves. We have to love each other for who we are.



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