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MAC To the Beach

I made it to MAC around noon on the 27th hoping they weren't sold out of the Marine Life powder. Luckily, they had two left and I snagged one!! It is gorgeous! I haven't touched it yet. I think I'd rather just collect it and look at it.

I also picked up two shadows- firecracker and sweet and punchy. Firecracker is a red-orange. It is a beautiful color mixed with greens and blended. I also love sweet and punchy. It's a bright yellow-green. It was the most unique of them all. Both are bright and are not for people who are afraid of color. But, I definately recommend adding them to your collection.

I also had three back to mac's and ended up getting bombshell, fanfare and vegas volt lipsticks. I love them all!

I still want the cream bronzers and hipness blush. And I will eventually get the 130 brush to add to my collection.

OPI Shrek polishes

I purchased four of the six polishes from this collection- Who the shrek are you, what's with the cattitude, ogre the top blue and fiercely fiona.

Shrek is a slime colored green. It is very thick and streaky when applied. I had to apply three coats to get it to look smooth, but then it bubbled up and peeled off even with a basecoat and Seche Vite topcoat.

Fiona is a yellow with a dirty green looking undertone. I really am not a fan of the color, even though the application was smoother than the Shrek.

Ogre is my favorite of the one's I purchased. It is a medium blue kind of on the teal side. Nothing special, but unique to my collection.

Cattitude is a great summer color. It's a pale pastel blue. This one was easiest to apply out of them all.

Pics to come.

Wedding make-up

This past week I traveled to Kentucky to do a wedding make-up. It was so hot! I tried to get video but my stepdaughter ended up filming the brides shoulder and didn't get anything I can use. I can however post her professional photos once she receives them.

Products used:

EL Doublewear foundation
BE Mineral Veil
MAC studio finish concealer
BE Matte Bronze
Nars Orgasm blush
MAC Vanilla pigment as highlight
MAC brow pencil (the new one)
Clinique Strawberry Fudge eyeshadow duo with MAC carbon used for depth as well as MAC woodwinked
Bobbi Brown gel liner in black
Ardell lashes 135
EL doublewear mascara
Senna moonlight shadow
EL Tea Rose lipliner
MAC Fanfare lipstick
BE Muffin top gloss

She looked flawless and beautiful!

Can't wait for pics!