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Bare Escentuals swatches- foundation comparison

L to R- medium beige, golden medium, golden tan, medium tan and medium tan matte

These are the colors I mix and match depending on my tan. I am a medium complexion but for some reason the medium shades make me way too pale. I tend to mix and match on my face to create depth and make it look more real. Right now Golden tan seems to be the best match for me. I like the original formula because of the coverage and glow of it, but can only wear it when the weather gets cool, or it itches. In the summer I wear the matte.

I do cheat and use some liquids now and then. It seems they all break me out, though. I am dying to try the Laura Mercier mineral powder, but have read that it itches also. Anyone know of a good coverage mineral that doesn't itch?

Oh, Acne, How I hate you!

The things we go through to have good skin. My skin recently decided to revert back to teenage skin and break out all over. The face wash, toner, mask, treatment and moisturizer are just a small part of my daily routine.

Do you ever look at someone and wonder what they go through to look the way they do? Do you think anyone appreciate what you go through yourself to look the way you do?

I have decided that I am doing this for myself. I don't do it for my husband- he'd never notice a difference anyway- I don't do it for other people, I do it to feel good about myself. I am the one that looks at me the most. I want to look in the mirror and like what I see. I want my face to feel smooth when I touch it.

I'm not saying I don't like a compliment now and then. We always feel that the torment we put ourselves through is worth it when someone tells us how nice we look.

I encourage you to take the time to give someone a compliment when they catch your eye. It will make t…

OMG My house is on fire!

We lit a fire in our fireplace tonight while watching "Get Him to the Greek". Unbeknownst to us, the chimney has a blockage. So our house is now full of smoke. LOL. I do love the smell of wood burning, but this much smoke is ridiculous! I know what we are doing tomorrow- cleaning out the chimney.

Online schools

I made the mistake last year of enrolling at University of Phoenix Axia college, which is the online version of UofP. After receiving 12 credits, I started to doubt this program. I have yet to learn a thing. I just started my third set of classes and opted to withdraw at the end of class and was told I will still have to pay for the next two classes because they charge in blocks. They have not given me my pell grant and have already used up my loans to pay for all the classes. I want to be able to transfer or just start over at the local community college next year in their visual communication program. But, i'm afraid UofP is going to ruin my chance. I know the credits will not transfer, but I'm stuck in classes until february. The worse thing about the school is the advisors, especially the financial aid department. Once they get their money they don't really care about you anymore. I've had some wonderful teachers, but the curriculum is lacking. I don't think an…

Lady Problems

I want to talk about a taboo subject today--- Pap Smears. We hate them, but, we have to do them once a year every year. I have struggled since I was seventeen with my period and have had pains and abnormal bleeding. I've been to the doctor more than the average woman with these issues I've had and have always been told that it is normal and that my body will adjust.

I'm 31 years old and have three kids. My body is adjusted. I finally took the plunge after my last son was born and got a tubal, which made everything worse. The pain was worse, the bleeding was worse. I was having my period twice a month or more and it would last up to three weeks at a time. Last year I had an ablation to take care of the bleeding, but it still did not cure the pain.

Let me go back and tell you my family history. My maternal grandma died of cancer that was first diagnosed as cervical cancer and spread through her body. My paternal grandma died of cancer also, but I am unsure of how it started.…

My weight loss journey 10/28/10

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  Today is the day I am committing to being healthy and getting back to my healthy weight.  Technically on paper I am in my target weight zone in the highest part.  The way I feel and look is not healthy to me.  I am 31 years old, 5'10", and 171 lbs this morning.  I have outgrown all clothes I have and am pushing the limits of a size 12.  My goal is to be back to the size 8 I have always known and loved.  My comfortable weight is 150 lbs, so that is my goal. 

Today was my first real workout.  We will see how tomorrow goes.

Pictures to come.

Wish me luck!