Online schools

I made the mistake last year of enrolling at University of Phoenix Axia college, which is the online version of UofP. After receiving 12 credits, I started to doubt this program. I have yet to learn a thing. I just started my third set of classes and opted to withdraw at the end of class and was told I will still have to pay for the next two classes because they charge in blocks. They have not given me my pell grant and have already used up my loans to pay for all the classes. I want to be able to transfer or just start over at the local community college next year in their visual communication program. But, i'm afraid UofP is going to ruin my chance. I know the credits will not transfer, but I'm stuck in classes until february. The worse thing about the school is the advisors, especially the financial aid department. Once they get their money they don't really care about you anymore. I've had some wonderful teachers, but the curriculum is lacking. I don't think any emplyer will take me seriously with this degree. Any thoughts?

Sucking it up till February...

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