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Black Friday Beauty Sales 11/25-11/29

Eve Pearl 55% off thurs-mon- BPCM2010 50% off friday 20% off- FFSB20 20% off- STILALOVES

**will update as I find them

Jennifer Nettles talks hair, make-up and clothes

Sugarland's, Jennifer Nettles, answers fan questions about all things beauty. In this webisode taken from, Jennifer's Glambassadors talk about her new hair cut, make-up routine and clothing style. Jennifer showcases her bubbly personality, as always, and reinforces why we love her. She is a style icon, role model, and everyday woman.

Her hair type- naturally curly, random. loves Big Sexy Hair dry shampoo, hairspray and a curling iron no curl look

Her make-up style- Armani Silk Luminous foundation, neutral smokey eye

Clothing style- tank tops, blazer, layered, edgy- Raquel Elegra, H&M- don't skimp on a shoe

Fashion Icon's- Debbie Harry, Rita Coolidge, Carly Simon, Janice Joplin

Estee Lauder Perfectionist eye patch- Review

8 pairs $100

What this is:

An eye patch designed to target eye wrinkles using a bio-peptide formula to boost collage. Lauder claims it is powered by a micro-current of energy. Claims to work in 20 minutes with long term effects after continual use.

How to use it:

Start by opening the single use pouch and removing the eye pads. You will notice an L and an R on the pads for left and right eye. Peel the patch off and apply it one inch under the bottom eyelid, skinny end in. I placed the fat end directly on the area outside the eye where wrinkles are most prominent. Wait 20 minutes and discard.

My thoughts:

These patches are very easy to use, but I'm not sure I would want to dish out $100 periodically to purchase as there are comparable patches out there for a fraction of the cost. If you have sensitive skin like me, you might have a reaction the the glue that sticks them to your face. I experienced constant itching, but no tingling as described on the website. The patches removed e…

Having an Ojon day

If you have never experienced Ojon you are missing out. I love the nutty smell of this unique hair oil.

For first time users, this treatment comes in a solid form. You scoop it out with the included comb and warm it up into your hands where it becomes an oil. Then, simply apply it all over your hair and comb it through to make sure it's evenly distributed. I cover my head with a shower cap and leave it on for as little as 20 minutes up to overnight.
When ready, wash and condition as normal. You can use the Ojon shampoo and conditioner of your choice, or use whatever you have.

Some useful tips for applying:

1. Remove rings and bracelets so as not to get them oily. I use this time to put my rings into my jewelry cleaner to soak

2. If using another brand of shampoo/conditioner, choose one that is sulfate free. A sulfate formula will strip the oils from your hair and you will end up back where you started. (I will make another blog showing you how to choose a good shampoo/conditioner)

My Christmas wishlist, along with some stocking stuffer ideas

This post is to help out my husband or anyone else interested in knowing what I am wanting this year.

#1- If given the option, having my kids all here at Christmas would be all I could ever want.

#2- This Camcorder. Stocking options for this gift- SDHC card, battery, case

#3- Lancome Beauty Box, Party Pinks (Macy's)

#4- Estee Lauder Blockbuster (Macy's)

#5- Jumbo Hot Rollers

#6- All Wrapped Up Collection (Bare Escentuals)

#7- Guess Panoa boots in Black (Macy's)

#8- Tommy Hilfiger Coat, long sleeve empire waste Black (Macy's)

#9- Turbo scarf Large from Ireland in color Starburst

#10- OCC Airbursh set

Stocking Ideas:

OCC liptars, Bare Escentuals holiday items, Garnier tinted eye roller, shea infused socks, Dove deodorant, nailpolish, pink gloves, this book, this book, Chelsea Handler books, Coach wristlet/wallet, Tiffany & Co anything, Vintage inspired hair accessories, Tallulah Tu necklace and necklace, Spanx tights and leggings size D, cute panties, Mac items from…

Wet n’ wild Night Elf swatches and review

This palette is a limited edition holiday set that is well worth the $4.99.  Four of the six shades are creamy and highly pigments. The other two (the black and the red) are chalky and have some fallout.) The three left shades are what makes the kit so great. The shades are very wearable and blendable and highly pigmented. This set also comes with a mini black eye liner.
The Night Elf palette is available at Walgreen’s.

Estee Lauder Blockbuster time!

Details: $55 with fragrance purchase

18 shade eye compact- ivory slipper, silver bell, tranquil moon, smoky ember, candy crave,polished platinum, enchanted forest, hot cinnamon, peacock blue, sugar biscuit, amethyst spark, french vanilla, wild sable, nude fresco, berry burst, safari green, tempting mocha, provocative plum.

Blush compact- nude rose, rosewood, pink kiss, soft matte bronzer

Full size Eye make-up remover

3 Artists pencils- softsmudge black, softsmudge brown, slate writer

Pure Color gloss duo- pink kiss, plum divine

Pure Color long lasting lipsticks- pink parfait, tiger eye, rose tea, boise de rose

Travel case and cosmetic bag. Stand-up mirror. 4 brushes

Let me start by congratulating Estee Lauder on putting out a collection that is WAY better than last year's collection. I have not picked up anything from the kit I bought last year except the mirror. The eye colors had no pay-off and were too light.

This year, the kit contains the new Pure Color shadow colors that we…

Pick ONE beauty product you can't live without!

My one must have beauty product would have to be my Burt's Bees Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate.

Unlike other lip balms or chap sticks, this one has no waxy feel. Instead, it feels almost like an oil on your lips that sinks in deep and hydrates. I keep these everywhere- car, by the bed, in my purse, on my vanity. I have also been know to hand these out to friends, including guys, and they have become hooked on them too. I worked in a warehouse for a while and we were all using these because our lips got so dry. My co-workers would literally come get them and take them from my work station, so I had to keep extras.

This balm is great for cold or dry weather and also is very nice at healing sunburned lips. A staple for anyone who likes to have soft, moist lips! It is tinted a red/berry shade and can tint your lips slightly depending on how often and how much applied. It wasn't anything noticeable enough to keep any guys I know from using it. It also has a slight smell th…

Lancome- Holiday Time- Beauty Box

This is my favorite time of year to buy beauty products because of all the fantastic deals. Every brand comes out with their own special holiday set. Lancome has blown me away this year with their Beauty Box. It surpasses last years box with full size products and two color choices. I want them both!

The first selection is the neutral/warm or brown collection, which they are calling Glamorous. I will find out the shade names and edit them in at a later time. This is the collection for you if you like a natural look, or favor brown tones.
The second selection is the pink/berry or cool toned collection, which they are calling Party Pinks. This is the collection to choose if warm colors do not look good on you, or if you just love a pop of color.
Both sets come with a full size Bi-Facil eye make-up remover (which is the best on the market for removing mascara or eyeliner), a kohl eye pencil, Definicils mascara, 2 brushes, blush duo, eyeshadow quad, 3 lipsticks, 2 juicy tubes and a cosmetic…

Stocking Stuffers for HER

Shopping for a woman may prove difficult for some, but these stocking stuffers are sure to please.

1. Coach Waverly Coated canvas wristlet- $48 (Coach)
This is the perfect little wristlet for the girl on the go. It can also be tucked inside her purse. Choice of three colors.

2. CD or Book- Here are my picks (

Taylor Swift, Speak Now $9.99

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang $13.26

3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel $24.50 (Clinique)
This is the twin sister to the cult favorite DDML, but is oil free. It will work on all skin types from teen to elder.

4. Dream Angels Heavenly Eau De Parfum ornament- $10 (Victoria Secret)
America's #1 fragrance in mini form. Sure to please the pickiest person on your list.

5. Cultured Freshwater Pearl stud earrings- $29.99 (JC Penney)
Classic and Timeless. A staple to any ladies wardrobe

Christmas gifts for HER

I have shopped around and found my top ten gifts that will be great for anyone on your shopping list.

My number one tip for choosing a woman's gift is to choose something that doesn't have a size. Women sizing varies so much from person to person and from brand to brand, so purchasing something for someone by size is difficult.

1. Steve Madden Infinity Scarf- $38 sale $27.99 (Macy's)
This scarf is perfect. It comes is 6 colors. It can be added to any outfit for the perfect outdoor touch, and it's warm.

2. Tiffany & Co. Return to Tiffany bead bracelet- $125 (Tiffany & Co. store)
You can't go wrong with Tiffany. This bracelet features a Tiffany Blue heart. This is great for someone who is special in your life to let them know how much you care. It is a statement piece that can be worn with anything.

3. DKNY Rose Gold watch- rectangle case- $175 (Nordstrom)
Rose Gold is hot this season, mixed with a rectangle case, it gives a new look to a traditional watch. …