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Hautelook Invite code

For anyone needing an invite to shop the site.

My work- Chailey (Miss Teen Grayson County pageant)

This is Chailey. I had the pleasure of doing her make-up for the Miss Teen Grayson County pageant last year.  It was a very rushed event and I literally had about thirty minutes to do the make-up while her hair was being curled at the same time.  I arrived two hours early only to find out she had to go interview with the judges before she got ready.  By the time she got back we literally had about 45 minutes total for hair, make-up and changing into her dress.  I was applying gloss on the way out the door. 

She ended up looking beautiful and placing as first runner up. (The winner's grandpa had sponsored the competition....).

My Hysterectomy

On December 6, 2010 I arrived at the hospital at 8am for my LAVH (laprascopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy). I was terrified because I had watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy where Mandy Moore played a patient who underwent an easy operation but never woke from anesthesia. So, I was terrified of not waking up. I went as far as to give my husband instructions for my kids if I didn't wake up.
I'm not sure of the specific timeline because there were no clocks and I wasn't allowed to have anything on me, so I will give a rough estimate how things went.
My husband and I waited in the waiting room for about ten minutes before they took me back minus him. I went to the pre-op room and got into my gown and laid in the bed while they took care of everything that had to be done. I had two nurses working on me. They first checked my bracelets and asked me the same questions over and over. The first nurse tried to put in my IV, but because they have to use such a large needle i…

Goat Milk Stuff

Okay, so I discovered this brand after watching a video from the super sweet Wendy (BentleyBlonde) on YouTube. I had to order after hearing how good the Cranberry soap smelled and how gentle these soaps are on the skin. I have very sensitive skin to fragrance, lotion, soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, you name it. I also love holiday scents and Christmas scents are my favorite.

The brand is called Goat Milk Stuff and the products are hand made from Alpine goats milk. The goats are raised by the Jonas family, about a half hour from my house in Southern Indiana. They also drink the milk, and take great pride in not feeding the goats hormones or anything that can pass through the milk and onto the skin. I would love to plan a trip to meet this intriguing family one day and see how the soap is made, and the goats.

The package arrived in a standard USPS shipping box. Inside were the five half bars I had ordered plus 3 sample pieces of other scents. I ordered half bars to make sure they wi…

TRESemme' Freshstart dry shampoo spray

Before- 3 days since shampoo. I wanted to wait until my hair was really dirty to test the product.

After- No oil and my hair looks clean and fresh.

My thoughts:

This is a great product and well worth the less than $5 price tag. It works well if used properly. I use it in sections spraying at the roots and combing through. It worked best for me if I teased the roots a little afterward. It will leave a white cast on the roots if not combed through or worked into the hair. The color will disappear once all the oil is absorbed.

If you are looking for a dry shampoo, but don't want to pay the high end price, this is the product you.

This product is available at Wal-Mart. Check your local drugstores for availability.