Goat Milk Stuff

Okay, so I discovered this brand after watching a video from the super sweet Wendy (BentleyBlonde) on YouTube. I had to order after hearing how good the Cranberry soap smelled and how gentle these soaps are on the skin. I have very sensitive skin to fragrance, lotion, soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, you name it. I also love holiday scents and Christmas scents are my favorite.

The brand is called Goat Milk Stuff and the products are hand made from Alpine goats milk. The goats are raised by the Jonas family, about a half hour from my house in Southern Indiana. They also drink the milk, and take great pride in not feeding the goats hormones or anything that can pass through the milk and onto the skin. I would love to plan a trip to meet this intriguing family one day and see how the soap is made, and the goats.

The package arrived in a standard USPS shipping box. Inside were the five half bars I had ordered plus 3 sample pieces of other scents. I ordered half bars to make sure they will fit into my travel soap containers. I will be ordering full bars next time.

Each bar comes inside a small sack with the name stamped on it, and a business card with all the scents listed on the back as well as the website and email information on the front.

Cider Press soap

This soap has notes of apples and cinnamon and spices, just like the fall. The scent is not overpowering and is slightly sweet.

Peppermint soap

This soap is like smelling pure peppermint oil. If you are a peppermint love like me you will love this. It is sharp and refreshing. I would love it on a groggy day to help wake me up and leave me feeling refreshed. I can't wait to try it.
Cranberry soap

This is the soap that convinced me to make my order. It smells like cranberry and spices, and it reminds me of Christmas. I agree with Wendy that this should be a candle. It smells that good.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap

This soap has a very comforting smell. I can't describe it exactly. It just smells good. It is on the sweet side, but not too sweet and still has the clean soapy smell mixed in. It would be perfect for a man, woman, or child. If you are indecisive, this is the perfect one to go for. This was my husband's second favorite.

Clean Cotton soap

I order this soap for my husband and he loves the smell. It is that fresh laundry, clean sheet kind of smell. It is fresh and light like a warm spring day. Great for any man on your shopping list.

I also received three samples with my order.

Honeysuckle- a light floral smell, very girly but not overpowering
Kool Koala- smells like a clean man after a shower and a shave. Perfect for a man or a woman who loves that man smell.
Cucumber Melon- A light, fresh, clean smell. No citrus or floral notes, just freshness. If you are a cucumber melon fan, you will like this.

I have only had a chance to use this soap once so far. I used my sample of cucumber melon. So far, this soap is amazing. It lathers nicely and feels really good on the skin. I had no tight feeling after showering and didn't feel dry or itchy like with a regular soap.

I will post a full review in a couple weeks once I get to really use them and see how my skin reacts.

Purchase information:


travel size $1
half bar $3
full bar $5

they also offer specialty soaps, liquid soap and lip balm amongst other products.

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