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6 week Accutane Update

Starting The Program:

I started the Accutane program six weeks ago to clear up skin issues I have struggled with since the sixth grade.  It is not easy to get put on Accutane and requires a series of steps at your dermatologist's office before they will even consider Accutane.

I was prescribed three other topicals and an ingestible antibiotic, all of which caused a reaction in my skin.  I felt that they made it worse, rather than better.  Since I have had a hysterectomy and am unable to get pregnant, my dermatologist saw no problems with me trying Accutane.  (Anyone who can get pregnant has to use two forms of birth control and get monthly pregnancy tests in order to stay on the program.  Missing one pill or contraceptive in a month will get you removed.)

When starting Accutane, you are required to get bloodwork done, and monthly thereafter to check liver function and other interactions within the body.  You also have to go to the dermatologist's office for monthly check-ups i…

My Christmas Wish List

Every year I make a list of all the things on my "wish list" as ideas for friends and family who want to shop for me for the holidays. I don't always get what I want, but it's so fun "window shopping".

This is my 2011 list:

Laura Geller baked eye rimz collection

Laura Geller 6 piece baked eye shadows

Marc Fisher shoes in black size 9.5

Laura Mercier L'Heure Magique

Tall flat black boots. I haven't found a pair I am in love with yet. Will update when I do. But, I do like these.

Black clothing- tall pants size 10, dresses (not sleeveless) size 10, cardigan sets or anything sparkly size large.

I love fuzzy, tall socks, pajama's, under garments.

Lea Journo hair products.

A studio lighting kit like this one would be great.

Skinn Cosmetics- Color Affair Winter Collection

The Skinn Cosmetics Winter Color Affair is an auto-delivery from a past TTV on ShopNBC.  The colors are rich and pigmented and all the great quality expected from Skinn Cosmetics.
The lipstick/gloss duo's have the delicious grape bubble gum scent as always in a Raspberry Sugar and Velvet Brownie.  The Raspberry is a pink/berry shade and the Brownie is a brown/red shade.
The Dream Team liner duo's are a Black Gray and Blue Midnight.  The colors are self-explanatory.  The pigmentation and lasting ability are fantastic. 
The blush and shadows are my favorite part of the kits.  The colors are wearable for just about anyone and are a mix of cool and warm shades to flatter most skin tones.  The Skinn blushes are the longest lasting blushes I have used on my oily Skinn and I highly recommend them.
The kit also came with a Natural Light skin illuminator in Winter Light.  This can be worn alone or mixed with foundation to brighten the skin.
Over all I think this is a fantastic kit and if y…

Calling all aspiring bloggers and vloggers

As many of you know, I have started a new job (that I love) but am also working at my old job until it ends (which is undetermined), so I am having a hard time finding the time to make videos and blog posts.  I still plan on doing them, and am trying to find a new place in my house to set up (the closet wasn't working out).

I am looking to make an Unnaturally Beautiful team of guest bloggers and vloggers to fill in the void until I am settled back into a routine (most likely after the holidays.)  If you already have a YouTube or blog that is great! I am not making any money yet, so I will not be able to pay anyone, but would link to your blog or channel and give you the credit for anything I approve.  I am hoping that in time, if I continue to grow as I am, that I will be able to send out free products to my team to review.

I really need both video tutorials and blog posts. Anyone interested can email me at as that is the e-mail I check most frequently.

I w…

Laura Geller, The Lightness of Beauty

This is the second installation of the Lightness of Beauty series from a previous Today's Special Value one QVC.  Unfortunately it can't be purchased unless you bought the first one.  If you want it, you can call Laura's studio and they sometimes get the kits and will mail you one 1800MAKEUP4.

On to the pictures.

Kit contents:
Balance N Brighten
Retractable brush
Whisper Berry blush
Sahara Skies Shadow kit
Java liner
Black Berry Mousse gloss

The colors of this kit are plums and golds.  They definitely are more red based than blue based for those of you that can't do red tones.  The shadows are extremely pigmented.  All the swatches are done dry.  I am extremely happy with that.  The blush is more of a red berry stain on the skin.  The gloss is mega glitter, so if you don't like glitter you won't like it.  It was hard to remove all the glitter when I wiped it off.  The liner looks like a dark brown on me, hard to tell if there is any other color to it.

I for one…

Painting nails with Bare Minerals eyeshadow

There are many ways to paint your nails with a mineral shadow.  This is how I do it.

Things you need:

Bare Mineral shadow of choice, I used Lucky Penny.
Sticky Base Coat (My favorite is China Glaze)
Top Coat (My favorite is Seche Vete)
Small synthetic brush

1.  Make a paste of shadow and water (foil) and paint your nail with the synthetic brush.
2.  After that dries, paint a layer of sticky base coat over top.
3.  Using the same brush, buff the shadow dry onto the nail over the sticky base coat.
4.  Finish with top coat.

The neat thing about using minerals is that any mess that you get around the edges can easily be washed off with soap after your nails dry. :)

The result:

Not sponsored or endorsed.

Mirenesse make-up- The treasure of Australia

If you have been a long time make-up addict and television shopper like me, you might remember seeing Mireness and Irene on HSN.  I loved watching Irene present the products, not only for her adorable accent, but because she seemed so intelligent and approachable.  I used and loved many of their products before they left HSN including the Secret Weapon mascara, tinted brow gel (my fav ever!), compact foundation, yellow concealer and many, many others.

I rediscovered Mirenesse after finding their website one day and signed up for their newsletter.  (Go here and sign up, they send many special deals for their subscribers).  On my birthday month I got an e-mail with a link to get a special birthday box for only $19.99 plus shipping.  They have a flat rate shipping to the United States of $8.99 (great price considering that and have the same starting price and are in California). I took advantage of this special deal and ordered.  Around the same time Mirenesse al…

Blog Sale

Payment due immediately after I contact you. Paypal GIFT option only. If you do not use the gift option I will refund your money and send to someone else.I have lost money in the past from people not using the gift option and being charged fees that were not included in the price. Shipping will be $2.50 including DC for the first 2 items. $.25 per item afterward.E-mail me at to purchase. I will update as they are sold.
Mally Items:
Poreless Face Defender in mirrored pink compact- $20- pending Colleen
Poreless finisher (“powder”) medium- $15
Ultimate performance cream foundation tan- $20
Primer- full size- $20
Blush duos- pink nectar lighter and pink satin lighter- $15 each
Cancellation conditioning concealer medium- $15

Dr. Denise Pro C foundation light or tan- $20 each (will hold light to see if Jenny wants)

Tarte items:
Amazonian clay shadow trios- pink,gray,plum trio or peach,champagne,bronze trio- $12 each
Smooth operator translucent powder- $15
LCL mascara- O…

Tips for Avoiding Acne Break-outs

The following are tips that I have learned from dealing with my own acne, that you may or may not think about when dealing with a breakout.

Much of the breakouts that I get around my chin area are from my skin coming in contact with things that can cause irritation and clogged pores. Other areas that often break out because of irritation are my neck line and back of my neck. The following is a list of things to avoid when you have acne prone skin.

1. A dirty cell phone- Oils from the skin and make-up debris collect on the phone screen and come in contact with the face and can cause break-outs.

2. A dirty pillow case- It is important to change pillow cases regularly.

3. Fragrance and dye in laundry detergent- If possible, try to use Free & Clear detergents only when dealing with sensitive skin.

4. Oils in shampoo and conditioner- Many products on the market contain oils and chemicals that can irritate the skin. If you find yourself breaking out around your hairline, try changing to…

Skinn Cleansers- Review

One of my new loves lately is Dimitry James and his line of skincare and cosmetics- Skinn. I first saw him on ShopNBC nearly 6 years ago, but never purchased anything until last year. I am now in love with many of the products including the cleansers in which I am about to review.

Skinn products are available on as well as If you follow me on Facebook, I will always tell you when a good deal is coming :).

There are two cleansers available, that I love, each for a different reason. Dimitri calls them an AM and a PM cleanser.

The AM cleanser is the Sulfate Free Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. From the website:

Sulfate Free Rapid Exfoliating Cleanser is the perfect morning wash! This soap-free and sulfate-free cleanser cleanses and rapidly exfoliates the skin, yet is gentle and non-drying. This cleanser uses a combination of glycolic, salicylic and enzyme technology to remove surface debris and dirt from within pores. The formula also contains green tea, ca…

Lea Journo shampoo/conditioner review

I have been trying to grow my hair for nearly two years now; since I chopped it off, bleached it and dyed it red.

I was making good progress, but my ends were very damaged and dry from all the processing in beauty school, so back in February I got about six inches cut off, leaving me with shoulder length hair.

The place I went to did a bad job at cutting my layers, so my sister (hairdresser) trimmed it up and put some shape into it about a month ago, leaving me manageable hair to let grow.

I hate getting haircuts because of the time it takes to drive somewhere, it seems like they never do a good job, and I always wish I had never done it. My red hair was cut by my teacher in school and even she left big holes and gaps all over from over texturizing.

So, here I am with healthy hair. I only use demi-permanent hair color now to prevent more damage, and only when my hair starts looking dull. I stay my same color level, just changing the tone now and then. I am totally dependent on my clean…