Mascara challenge- Mally vs. Maybelline

I have two new mascara's and I wanted to compare them since they are very similar in that they are volumizing, but have two very different price points.

The first one in this challenge is the Mally Beauty Volumizing mascara. $20 each or $28 for 2. This mascara is also available in waterproof.

This mascara is supposed to be a one step all inclusive mascara with great hold.
This is one coat on my top lashes.

The next mascara in this challenge is Maybelline Volume Express One by One. $6.99 at Wal-mart. This mascara is also available in waterproof.

This mascara claims to give clump free voluminous lashes.

One coat on my top lashes.

Maybelline on left, Mally on right

The Mally mascara offers a true black, one-coat application. It had better hold and more curl than the Maybelline.
The Maybelline however gave more length, while still giving the same amount of volume as the Mally. I did have to work with the Maybelline one longer to achieve this result, whereas the Mally was a very quick application. I noticed minimal flaking with the Maybelline and none with the Mally, but the Mally irritated my eye slightly.


If cost is an issue, the Maybelline is a great mascara that offers volume and separation and some lengthening abilities if you have the time to spend on getting that result.

If time or hold is an issue, the Mally mascara is great. It gives slight curl to the lashes while giving volume with only one quick coat.

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