Laura Geller Vanilla Nudes- REVIEW

Vanilla Nudes

Neapolitan Baked Cheek Dreams

Balance N' Brighten Tan

Berry Banana Marble Lipstick

Vanilla Toffee/ Black Cherry Baked Marble Eyeshadow/Rimz

At Long Lash mascara black
Swatches- L to R- Cosmopolitan highlight, blush, contour, Berry Banana lipstick

Vanilla Toffee/ Black Cherry dry on left, wet on right


This is one of my favorite kits Laura Geller has ever put out. nearly every piece of this kit is exceptional and very versatile. The packaging is also very sturdy feeling and better than the regular black packaging and I prefer this packaging to the Tropics collection packaging.

I ordered a shade darker in the B N' B to mix with the regular I already have several of. This is great for the summer.

The blush is amazing. All three colors apply pretty matte but almost skin like, not flat. The highlight shade is great all over the face without looking ghostly or garish. Mixed together they give a glow to the skin, but still look quite natural.

I am in love with the lipstick color and formulation. It is a shade that looks like nothing is on the lips, but feels like a balm and is very moisturizing. I have kept it in my purse and use it every day.

The eye colors are so flattering to my hazel eyes. The colors are great for summer, especially when applied wet. I could see these working on any eye color.

The brush is average. It does it's job. I have no complaints.

The only thing in this kit that I think is not good is the mascara. It is a very wet and heavy formulation. I applied it very slow and it made my lashes droop. I had to curl after the first coat and apply a second coat. I ended up getting it all over my fingers and eyelids trying to get my lashes separated as it made them stick together. I can not see this being very usable on it's own. It would make a great top coat to make other mascara's glossy and waterproof. It is very waterproof and requires an oil based remover to get it off. I used Lancome Bi Facils, but baby oil or olive oil would work fine.

This kit is available on QVC for $52.74.

I highly recommend this kit for anyone who is seeking a fast and easy no make-up look. It is a nude look but with definition and perfect for every day.

Laura Geller Vanilla Nudes 6-piece Baked Collection

My Look:



Please comment below if you'd like to see a video tutorial on this look. Thanks for stopping by!!

**Purchased by me. Not affilated with Laura Geller (but wish I was).

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