My travel make-up bag

I am leaving tomorrow for a ten day trip to Alaska to visit my boys. I won't be needing a lot of make-up, but want to have something with me in case we go to dinner or something else comes up that I am required to look decent for.

The first thing I'm bringing is my Crown Brush set. I purchased this at Christmas time and have never opened it. I also bought three additional brushes that I added to the set- the pro blending brush, double ended brow brush and a thin liner brush.

The cosmetic bag I am taking is a new one I received with Estee Lauder's current gift with purchase. This bag is big enough to hold everything I need, but small enough to fit in my purse.

And finally- the make-up. I have not decided if I'm going to stick this in my suitcase or my purse. If I do carry it in my purse, the liquid items will be stuck in my skincare bag in my suitcase. I hate to deal with security, so I travel as light as possible, only carrying a purse. I will not get into how annoying it is that so many people have carry on's they can't fit into the plane. It's only $25, check your bag!

List of items:

Laura Geller-
Real Deal concealer, medium
Real Deal Remedy stick
Banish n Brighten, medium
Baked Blush Dream, Neapolitan
Balance n Brighten, regular and tan
Baked eye duo, Vanilla Toffee/ Black Cherry
i-Care waterproof eye liner in Bone
Double ended brush

Crown Brush synthetic pink Kabuki

Estee Lauder-

Lipsticks- Tiger Eye, Rubellite, Rose Tea
Berry High Gloss
Sumptuous Bold Volume, deluxe mascara sample
Softsmudge Black artist eye pencil
Tearose Double Wear lip liner
Idealist and Advanced Night Repair, deluxe samples

Smashbox Photo Finish lid primer, deluxe sample

Tarte emphysEYES waterproof Amazonian Clay brow mousse

Nyx pencil sharpener

InColor Fabu Liner, black (from Walgreen's)

Nars eye make-up remover, deluxe sample

This may seem like a lot, but it is really minimal compared to my collection. I try to pack as many samples and gift size items as possible to minimize weight and to prevent my good stuff getting broken, lost or stolen. I really want my trip to be about my children, not about how I look. These Laura Geller products will get me looking great and out the door in 5 minutes, giving me more time to be with my boys. I also have the option of being able to do a nigh time look if I need to.

I pack a separate bag for my toiletries, including my face wash, moisturizer, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, hairspray, soap and contact solution/contacts. It is mostly sample size or travel size items as well.

Tell me, What do you pack in your make-up bag for a long trip??

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