Green Beauty

I have noticed lately that I am leaning more toward natural make-up brands and skin care products. It isn't something I thought about and decided I am going to do, it has just been a natural progression. One of my favorite brands right now is Tarte. I am loving every product that I have of theirs. In a recent kit, I was sent a bottle of Maracuja oil. Until then, I had never thought to apply an oil to my face, since I have extremely oily, acne prone skin. But this oil has been unbelievable to my skin. My pores are smaller and my face somehow feels more firm. Best of all, I am less oily. I have stopped using the face and eye creams I was once using and am only using organic oils on my skin now for moisture (aside from my cellulite cream, but I have a plan for that too!). I am still using some of my Dr. Denese items for exfoliation, though I have found that baking soda works just as well. My skin is always changing it's mind as to how it wants to behave, so I am always changing the way I handle it. Hopefully some of the Serious Skin Care products I have ordered will offer some relief. I used to live by this brand, but like everything else, I got bored and went to other brands.

I have also done some experimenting into hair and body oils and have made my own formulation. My oil contains high percentages of Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Shea oil, Coconut oil and some Pomegranate seed oil and Grape seed oil. It smells of fresh coconut and absorbs right into the hair and skin with a soft sheen. I have made 8 bottle extra (2oz amber bottles with dropper) if anyone is interested in one. They are $15 each plus shipping. Each ingredient was picked for it's unique properties.

I have plans for a skin treatment for cellulite and stretch marks as well as a scalp treatment for hair loss. Stay tuned for those....

Another thing I have been leaning toward is Cruelty Free brands. I had once thought that I will just buy based on what I like and what works over how a company practices. But as I have researched I have found there are so many good ingredients out there that companies shouldn't need to test on animals for cosmetic purposes.( Medical purposes are another story and I feel it's a necessary evil.) I am not going to get rid of items I currently own that come from those companies that are not Cruelty Free, but I will no longer be purchasing new products from these brands (Lancome and CoverGirl).

I will be having a blog sale soon. I have lots of make-up and only one face!

Feel free to comment below about your own thoughts and opinions on anything I have talked about.

*** I have also decided not to purchase any more lip products this year. I have nearly 150 that I need to use up before they go bad. I am going to try not to buy any more make-up either, unless it's a TSV from QVC. I really could go the rest of my life without buying another thing and still have left-overs.

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