Tarte Passport to the Amazon 6 piece color collection #1 and #3

Passport to the Amazon #1

6 Piece Set Including:
Bronzed Nudes eye palette, Lights Camera Lashes mascara, Blackened plum liner, Paradise gloss, Brow mousse, The Perfect Rose cheek stain and two brushes.

Bronzed Nudes

Bronzed Nudes swatches

The Perfect Rose cheek stain swatch

Paradise gloss and Blackened plum liner

This kit is great for anyone who likes natural looking make-up with a little shimmer. The gloss is slightly coral and gives a nice brightness to the face. The shadows are my favorite piece in this kit because they are so flattering and are neutral enough to go with anything.

Taupe and Medium Brown EmphasEYES brow mousse

Passport to the Amazon #3
6 Piece set including:
Pinks and Purples eyeshadow palette, Lights Camera Lashes mascara, Serenity gloss, The Perfect Berry cheek stain, Shimmering dark chocolate liner, brow mousse and two brushes.

Pinks and Purples

Pinks and Purples swatches

The Perfect Berry cheek stain swatch

Serenity gloss and Shimmering dark chocolate liner

This kit is more matte than the first kit. The liner in the first kit should have been switched with the liner in this kit to make more sense to me. I really like the Serenity gloss and the Berry cheek stain shows up better on my tan skin than the Rose. Both kits are a great value and great for anyone who likes make-up.

If anyone has pictures of kit number two and wouldn't mind sending them to me, my e-mail makeupmisty@hotmail.com. Thanks!

This kit was sold on QVC as a TSV and included 3 sets on auto delivery. Kit number two is available for purchase on QVC, but the other two are only found in pieces on ebay right now.

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