Eye primer show down

What is an eye primer?

An eye primer is a product that you place on your eyelid before eyeshadow application to smooth the surface, cover discoloration and control oil on the lids to make your eyeshadow last longer and appear truer to color. An eye primer can comes in a pencil form, wand form or pot form.
hen it comes to an eye primer, every brand claims to have the longest lasting, waterproof, stay put, no budge, miracle product that tops everything else. Having oily eyelides myself, I have had to try many different brands to find the ones that really work for me. Here are my tops picks.

Oily eyelids:

You can never go wrong with Urban Decay Primer Potion ($19). I love the Original or the Eden for both their smoothing properties and their ability to control oil. I do not like Sin. (Sephora)

My next choice for oily lids is the Laura Geller Spackle Waterproof primer pen ($22). The downside to this product is the amount you get for the cost, but the product itself is excellent for lasting all day and controlling oil. (QVC)

Dry eyelids:

Dry lids can use more of a moisturizing primer than oily lids can handle. For this reason I have included primers that don't really work on my oily lids, but are fabulous on people with dryer lids.

The cult favorite primer is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($18). This primer became so famous because of the squeeze tube that the UDPP lacked. Now that the UDPP has a squeeze tube, it will be interesting to see how many people stick with this. It is a great primer, but on me I prefer UDPP. (Sephora)

My next favorite for dry eyes is the Bare Escentuals Prime Time eye primer ($18). This primer is great because of the natural ingredients. It is not only great for dry lids, but holds mineral shadows onto the eyes very well. (Sephora, QVC)

Wrinkled or Hooded Lids:

People with wrinkled or hooded lids often struggle with keeping their shadows from transferring or moving around. Purchasing a primer with firming or anti aging ingredients can help.

Korres Quercetin and Oak primer is great for wrinkles lids because of the skin care properties and good for you ingredients ($21) . (Sephora)

Tarte Natural Eye primer with Firmitol ($20) is excellent. This primer has firming ingredients that tighten the lid skin while keeping the shadow in place all day. (QVC, Sephora, Tarte)

All eye lid types:

My next two choices are great primers, but didn't wow me as much as the others did. It doesn't mean they are not good, and they may be HG to someone else, I just haven't got as much use out of them.

Smashbox Photo Finish eye primer ($20). I carry a mini of this in my purse. It is a great primer for every day when you don't need your shadow to last for 12 hours. I just don't like how small amount of product you get for the price. (QVC, Sephora)

Benefit Stay Don't Stray ($24). This primer did not make the list because it is the most expensive of the ones I have named. I have not had as much experience using it, but it is still a great primer. (Sephora)

Drugstore Alternatives:

There are many drug store brands competing in this market. I have only tried one of them, but am listing them for options for those who can not buy the other brands. They are all under $10.

Nyx eyeshadow base (Ulta)
Loreal De-Crease (drugstores, Wal-Mart)
Palladio Herbal eye primer (Sally)
Boots Botanics Soothing and Calming eye base (Target)

There are many more brands out there that I have not tried and would love to. The ones I would like to try are: Amazing Cosmetics, It Cosmetics, Nars, Laura Mercier Eye Basics, Mally, Lorac.

If anyone has samples of any of these and would like to send them to me to review, please e-mail me at makeupmisty@hotmail.com.

Final Thoughts:

Of all the primers I own, my go-to ones are the Tarte and UDPP. These two, though I put them into separate categories, are excellent for any eye type. As I get older, I am finding that I prefer items that firm or tighten my skin. When you are in your 20's you can pretty much use anything, but once you reach that 30 mark, your skin starts changing and your needs change.

I also find that I sometimes do not want to use a primer. Sometimes all I need is a cream shadow from one of my favorite brands, and set it with a powder. A really pigmented shadow may not even need a primer.

Comment below and let me know what your favorite eye primer is. :)

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