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No Poo-ing

If you have never heard of No-Pooing, it is shampooing your hair without shampoo and only using conditioner, much like the whole Wen by Chaz Dean concept. The No-Poo way is much more affordable because you use cheap drugstore conditioner to cleanse with. The idea is that the cheaper brands have more ingredients that actually cleanse the hair versus an expensive salon conditioner.

I have been doing the No-Poo method for the last week after realizing I really want to try Wen again, but can't afford it at this time. I am using the Suave Professionals conditioner with almond and shea butter. It smells really nice and leaves my hair super soft.

I first wet my hair really thoroughly and scrub at my scalp with just warm water. I then add a glob of conditioner to my roots and work it in really well. I leave that on for a couple minutes while I do other things and then work more conditioner into the rest of my hair and comb through. After a few more minutes I rinse my hair really well, a…

Asking me questions

I have tried to respond to some of my comment questions, with no luck. If you have a question, the best place to ask is Facebook. There's a link at the top of the page. I am always on there and will reply back. thanks!!


Available at

My package finally arrived!!!
The tops to the lipsurgence and cheek stain have a dark chrome shine.

The cheek stain has flecks of gold in the container, but on the skin they do not show.
cheek stain swatch
The lipsurgence has red glitter, but that hardly shows on the skin.

Eyeshadow palette top
front side
drawer contains a full size eyeliner in black, a mini eye primer and mini lights camera lashes mascara
empasEYES liner in black
complete kit

Dawn is more yellow, The Light is champagne and Fairy is an icy pink.
Bayou is an antique gold with a beautiful shimmer. Charmer is a burnt orange with shimmer and is also gorgeous. Werewolf is a matte dark brown.
Moss is a beautiful emerald green with a sheen. The picture does no justice for it. Telepath is a mauvey pink with a sheen. Glamour me is a violet on the blue side.
Waitress is one of the prettiest shades in this palette. It is a shimmery pinky brown skin tone shade. Dusk is a matte light brown that is kind of mauv…

tarte glow your way to gorgeous- swatches and review

$49.92, 3 easy payments of $16.64

Single now, Single July 2
A-D now, A-D July 2

tarte glow your way to gorgeous 8 piece collection

Maracuja concealer in fair, light, medium, tan or deep
Lipsurgence in Sweet
SmolderEYES in Fig with sharpener
Blush in Peaceful with brush
Lights Camera Lashes mascara
Waterproof cream shadow in Taupe with brush

Bonus: maracuja oil and bronzer

The Look from the booklet

Blush and eye brushes
Fig SmolderEYES
Fig swatched which is a blackened plum
Sweet Lipsurgence
Swatches very similar to Glisten blush
Medium concealer- very creamy and opaque

Park Avenue Princess bronzer
The bronzer looks like an antique gold on my skin and is very sheer.
Taupe shadow
I love this shade. It's a gray and brown mix but very wearable.
Peaceful blush
Peaceful is almost identical to Glisten, minus the gold shimmer in Glisten. Peaceful is almost matte.

Overall, this collection is very wearable. Some darker skin tones might find that nothing will show up on their skin as this is a…

Tarte 8th World Wonder A-D swatches

This is the first sub-sequent shipment to the Tarte TSV- 8th World Wonder.

This collection is not available for purchase at this time. If anyone is expecting this and decides they don't want it after seeing the pictures, please e-mail me ( before cancelling your order. There are many ladies who missed out that would love to buy it from you. Thanks!!

This collection looks very much like a "Fall" collection. The greens and peaches are gorgeous. I especially love the blush which is a darker, pinker and matte version of the first one. The liner is a forest green with gold shimmer. The gloss which I didn't swatch is a salmony color with some shimmer. The brush included would work well for foundation or blush, and I think it is the same brush that is coming in the next TSV on July 2. This kit also comes with a LCL mascara and Balancing Foundation.