Laura Geller- the Lightness of Beauty kit


Single Shipment

$54.26 or 3 easy pays of $18.08

The kit comes in a very pretty box that has a mirror shine. It was hard to get a picture without my reflection in it.

The imagery on the booklet is beautiful.

The complete kit consists of a new Balance N' Brighten with spf 15, retractable powder brush, Air Whipped Blush is Whisper Mulberry, Eye Elements Baked Eyeshadow and Highlighter quad in Amethyst Skies, I-Care Waterproof eyeliner in Charcoal, Air Whipped Lip Wear n Praline Mousse.

The new Balance N' Brighten seems to have a finer, smoother texture and is more opaque than the original. When swatching, I had to put many layers of the old one to show up, but only one layer of the new one. You can tell how much more opaque the new formula is in the pictures. This makes me wonder how this will photograph with a flash. The good news is you will be able to use less product and get more coverage.

Left-original formula, Right- spf formula

The stars of this kit are the eyeshadows and lip gloss. The shadows are even more beautiful in person than on the pictures. The highlighter is a gorgeous golden pink. It is more pigmented and more golden than Ethereal Rose is. The shadows are a light purple that has a brightness that will liven up the eyes. It does appear to have a small amount of glitter in it. The middle shade is a medium violet that blends to an almost metallic finish, with no glitter. The darkest color is a smokey charcoal purple that is very shiny and also appears to have some tiny glitter in it

The blush is hard to describe. It appears as a muted brown/berry tone. When I blended it out on my hand it looked almost reddish. It seems a little warm to be put with such cool toned shadows, but maybe that was the point. I often like to wear cool blushes with warm shadows to brighten up my face. Maybe this was to keep the face from looking overly cool and deathlike.

The gloss is such a beautiful and wearable color. If you want a shade to make your lips appear fuller, this is it. It is not too brown and not too gold. It has a nice shimmer and is opaque. This color is perfect to wear with a heavy eye or on a day when you just want to brighten up your face. I love it!

The eyeliner is a nice matte charcoal shade. If you are a person who does not like black or just wants something less harsh for the warmer weather, this is for you.

All in all this kit is a great deal! I love purples anyway because they are so wearable on so many people. These purples are not too red to make you look dead and not to blue to look gothic. The brightness of the lightest shade will make it possible for people who normally can't do purples to pull it off. The highlighter can be used all over the face and on the eyes. I still want to play with the blush more before I make a decision on that. The lip gloss will be wearable for light and dark skins. The charcoal liner is very neutral. Add your favorite mascara and you have a full face!

I say- BUY IT!!

Available at (linked above)

Not sponsored. I purchased this myself!

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