No Poo-ing

If you have never heard of No-Pooing, it is shampooing your hair without shampoo and only using conditioner, much like the whole Wen by Chaz Dean concept. The No-Poo way is much more affordable because you use cheap drugstore conditioner to cleanse with. The idea is that the cheaper brands have more ingredients that actually cleanse the hair versus an expensive salon conditioner.

I have been doing the No-Poo method for the last week after realizing I really want to try Wen again, but can't afford it at this time. I am using the Suave Professionals conditioner with almond and shea butter. It smells really nice and leaves my hair super soft.

I first wet my hair really thoroughly and scrub at my scalp with just warm water. I then add a glob of conditioner to my roots and work it in really well. I leave that on for a couple minutes while I do other things and then work more conditioner into the rest of my hair and comb through. After a few more minutes I rinse my hair really well, also for several minutes, and really rub my scalp to get it all out. I then towel dry and style as usual, which for me is doing nothing and letting it air dry. I am trying to grow my hair out and have been growing it for the past yearr and a half since a really bad beauty school haircut. I had colored my hair so much that the parts that have grown were damaged so I cut them off.

After three washes, my hair is felling very soft and not greasy or dirty. I think it actually is getting clean and all the oils are being removed by the conditioner.

If you have tried this, let me know how it is working for you.


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