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Hot For Fall- Make-up Trends

I have been researching, to find you the hottest trends in make-up this fall. We all know that make-up trends start on the run-way before they make their way to faces on the streets. Here is all you need to know for Fall/Winter 2011.

1. Peach and Orange. Monochromatic looks and matching eyes and nails are what is in.

Photo from Photo from

2. Matte lips of wines, reds and berries. Lips are back to being bold. Photo from

3. Spider lashes. Thick and defined. Photo from Photo from

4. Smokey Metallic eyes. Photo from Photo from

5. Defined, thick brows. Photo from

6. Navy and blues. Nails and eyes. Smokey eyes of all colors are very trendy. Bright colors are also trendy this fall/winter season. Photo from

7. Thick, Bold Liner.

8. Flushed Cheeks. Cheek stains will be great this season.

9. Nude Face. Narcisso Rodriguez

This Fall/Winter 2011 season appears to be all about extremes.  You can go bare n…

Drugstore deals and Bath and Body works haul

I was totally feeling Fall this weekend and went on the hunt for some fall smelling things. I also wanted a tablecloth which I still haven't found. I did, however, go to Bath and Body works where I was able to drag my husband along to get some hand soaps that were on sale for 5 for $15 or 7 for $20. I bought fresh strawberry, sweet cinnamon pumpkin, cranapple crisp, orchard leaves and caramel apple. My husband got into the hand sanitizers and got his own rubber holder (I got one for my new purse) and he got 3 hand sanitizer's, leaving me to pick out 2. They were 5 for $5. He got grape and two black cherry. I got orchard leaves and cranapple crisp. They also had the mini candles 3 for $5 so I picked up 3 to try them out until they go on sale again at 2 for $20. I got leaves, sweet cinnamon pumpkin and acorn & fig. I also got a coupon for 20% off a purchase in September (hopefully the candles are on sale then :)).

While searching for the tablecloth, we went to Target and fo…

Haul time!

Today is a collective haul over the last week. I haven't been purchasing a lot because of the lack of funds...:(, but have come across a few deals that made it worth purchasing.

My wonderful husband purchased me the Dinair airbrush system and I was lucky enough to get a coupon code to get the free lip/blush sampler with it. I haven't tried it yet :).
From ebay, I got two Smashbox shadows in ASAP and Pronto, as well as 2 smile enhancing lipglosses for about $20.
From delphi BB, I purchased the Bare Escentuals color shift shadow gold/blue and the Cherry Bomb gloss from separate kits sold at Sephora. Now I only want the Cheek Tint ;).
Then, lastly, I got an e-mail from Missha saying the Cho Bo Yang BB cream was $9.99 for one day, so I placed an order and also ordered 3 masks to try out because they have good reviews. I got some free samples and a free #23 Perfect Cover BB Cream.

I am excited to add these to my collection and to try them all out. I actually depot my Smashbox shad…

Laura Geller Vanilla Nudes #3 Tutorial

I received this collection last week and have been itching to use it. If you aren't familiar with Vanilla Nudes, it was a TSV on QVC a while ago and this is the third installment of the collection that was available if you chose auto-delivery (A-D). This is more of a fall collection, or a transitioning into fall collection for me and it is absolutely stunning. The green liner (eye rimz) reminds me of the Enchanted Forrest eye rimz and I may compare them to see how different they are. The cheek colors are my favorite of the series and are a mixture of cool and warm which compliment each other nicely on the skin. The lip color is a semi-frosty sheer cinnamon/rose which is an excellent nude lip on my medium skin tone. It is perfect to pair with a bold eye. The look I created is a neutral eye with a winged green liner. I hope you enjoy!

 Indoor Lighting

With Flash

Products Used:

Vanilla Nudes #3 collection
Mark Lash All You Want mascara
Dr Denese Pro C foundation as base
Real Deal con…

Maybelline Color Explosion- Pink Punch tutorial

Today's tutorial featured affordable products from mostly drugstore and NYX.  I don't consider NYX drugstore since it is so hard to obtain, but it is affordable. 

Of all the Color Explosion palette's Maybelline released, the Pink Punch was the one I most wanted to use.  I knew it would bring out the green in my eyes.  I was disappointed with the pigmentation on my eyelids versus the swatches on my hands (see blog post).  I really had to layer and should have applied wet to get more color.  The end result was still a nice wearable look and could be worn by many skin tones and all eye colors. I hope you enjoy it!

Products Used:

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream #31
Mally concealer- tan
NYX blush- Natural, Taupe
Mark please hold shadow primer- light/medium
Mark lash all you want mascara- black
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind powder- Buff Beige
NYX lipliner- Natural
Rimmel moisture lipstick- Summer Angel
Bare Escentuals Big and Bright liner- Intense Black
Maybelline Pink Punch eye…

Missha tutorial with Signature Velvet Art palette in Khaki

I got this palette in the mail yesterday and could not wait to try it out. It did not disappoint.

In sunlight

Indoor with flash

Products Used:

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #23 and #31
Missha The Style under eye brightening colcealer Natural Beige
Laura Geller Balance N Brighten Regular and Tan
Nyx Taupe Blush
Maybelline Define A Brow light brown
Mark Lash All You Want mascara
Missha Signature Velvet Art Palette- Khaki
Mac Blacktrack Fluidline
Urban Decay Zero liner
Bare Escentuals Jelly Roll gloss
Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush Natural
Bare Escentuals Queen Phyllis matte

Missha US haul


I have succumbed to the BB Cream phenomenon and after ordering shade #23 from ebay, decided I needed #31 also.  Luckily was having 30% sitewide when I ordered, so I got a good deal.  On your first order they gave a full size #23 BB Cream free and with $40 you got the sampler free.  I order the Perfect Cover #31, under eye brightening concealer in Natural Beige, and my favorite of all the Signature Velvet Art Shadow palette in No. 3 Khaki.

Here's what I received:

The gorgeous eye palette.  The compact is sturdy with a gold metal case. The design is just beautiful.

These colors are just beautiful. I can't wait to purchase more of these palettes.  If you love khaki or taupe, this palette is for you.  It comes with a plastic cover and a double sided sponge applicator.

Left to Right: M Signature Real Complete 21, Perfect Cover 23, Perfect Cover 31

The shades blended out.

I am so in love with everything I bought.  I can't wait to try more things from t…

Bare Escentuals High Shine Smokey Eye tutorial

Items Used:

Skinn Orchid primer
Bare Escentuals (BE) foundation- Golden Tan
Benefit Erase Paste concealer No 2
BE Tinted Mineral Veil
BE Pearl Blossom blush
Nyx Taupe blush
BE opal eye primer
BE High Shine Pewter
BE Queen Phyllis matte
BE Cocoa
BE Rockstar
BE Big and Bright liner- Intense Black
Mally Volumizing mascara
Jesse's Girl pigment Pixie Dust
Nyx Natural lip liner
BE Pretty Amazing Fearless

Shop Bare Escentuals luxurious cosmetic and beauty products at special prices for a limited amount of time only at!

Not sponsored... purchased by me :)

Secret Swaps

If you are a member of my Facebook page, you may have noticed some of us doing a "Secret Swap". 

What this is:
A totally secret swap amongst various members who want to participate, where a dollar amount is set to spend on your swappee, and a send date to have it sent by.  I send forms for each person to fill out to better inform the swapper who gets your name of your likes and dislikes.  The swapper then shops and finds things they think you will enjoy and makes you a secret package and sends it to you.

Swapper = person sending

Swappee = person receiving

Who this is great for: People who loves surprises, people who love to give gifts, people who are open minded and want to try new things.

Who this is not for: People who are picky, people who do not like to experiment, people who don't like surprises.

All of this is done anonymously with the Swapper having the option of writing a note letting you know who they were, in your package.

The last Swap had some bumps that hav…

August 2011 Birchbox

After seeing so many disappointed reviews this month for Birchbox, I was hesitant to receive mine.  We were quite spoiled after receiving a full size Laura Geller blush, that by comparison a few samples seems like nothing.

I was pleasantly suprised when I opened my box to see 8 items in it.

First, a shampoo packet and a 1.5 oz conditioning mask from No 4 High Performance hair care.  I love hair products and can't wait to try this.

Two sunscreen towelettes from Tocca. I've never tried these but will come in handy I'm sure.

A sample packet from Befine food skin care of the Exfoliating cleanser and a .5 oz tube of their Night Cream with cocoa.  I am a sucker for skin care also, so I am anxious to try this.

The make-up item was a teeny tiny sample tube of Stila's re-formulated tinted moisturizer in medium.  I am just glad the shade is right.

The last little thing in the box was a hair elastic.  A piece of shiny black elastic tied in a knot on one end.  If someone is actu…