August 2011 Birchbox

After seeing so many disappointed reviews this month for Birchbox, I was hesitant to receive mine.  We were quite spoiled after receiving a full size Laura Geller blush, that by comparison a few samples seems like nothing.

I was pleasantly suprised when I opened my box to see 8 items in it.

First, a shampoo packet and a 1.5 oz conditioning mask from No 4 High Performance hair care.  I love hair products and can't wait to try this.

Two sunscreen towelettes from Tocca. I've never tried these but will come in handy I'm sure.

A sample packet from Befine food skin care of the Exfoliating cleanser and a .5 oz tube of their Night Cream with cocoa.  I am a sucker for skin care also, so I am anxious to try this.

The make-up item was a teeny tiny sample tube of Stila's re-formulated tinted moisturizer in medium.  I am just glad the shade is right.

The last little thing in the box was a hair elastic.  A piece of shiny black elastic tied in a knot on one end.  If someone is actually making money off of these they are genious.  Anyone could buy a piece of elastc, tie it together and have the exact same thing. :)

All in all, it isn't horrible for $10.  You have to consider that probable $3-4 of that is shipping costs.

I will continue with my Birchbox subscription for now.

What did you get?

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