Secret Swaps

If you are a member of my Facebook page, you may have noticed some of us doing a "Secret Swap". 

What this is:
A totally secret swap amongst various members who want to participate, where a dollar amount is set to spend on your swappee, and a send date to have it sent by.  I send forms for each person to fill out to better inform the swapper who gets your name of your likes and dislikes.  The swapper then shops and finds things they think you will enjoy and makes you a secret package and sends it to you.

Swapper = person sending

Swappee = person receiving

Who this is great for: People who loves surprises, people who love to give gifts, people who are open minded and want to try new things.

Who this is not for: People who are picky, people who do not like to experiment, people who don't like surprises.

All of this is done anonymously with the Swapper having the option of writing a note letting you know who they were, in your package.

The last Swap had some bumps that have caused me to make some rule changes.  There were accusations of used products being sent as well as several swappers not sending their packages on time and leaving me with the obstacle of having to track them down.


Because of issues with the last swap, new rules are in place to prevent further issues.  These are not meant to be mean or rude, or to keep anyone from enjoying themselves, but to protect everyone involved.

1.       No Used products- PERIOD.  To further avoid any confusion, all items must be sealed or come in manufacturer packaging. Loose items from kits (not sealed) will not be accepted unless thrown in as an “extra” but not counted toward your actual gift amount.

2.       Packages must be sent by send date listed- Anyone who does not send their package in the allotted amount of time will not be allowed to participate in future swaps.  Plenty of time is given to shop and send your package.  I recently spent a lot of time chasing packages that weren’t sent on time.  I do not get compensated for this.  I do this for you.  So do me the favor of following the rules.

3.       If there are certain items you want or don’t want, list them on the form- I had people complain this time about what they received, yet on the form where it asks what is on your wish list, they had left it blank.  No one here is a mind reader.  If you want something- say it!  There is no guarantee you will get everything on the list, but the person shopping for you will have a better idea of what you like.

4.       All packages must be sent with Delivery Confirmation and the number must be sent to me at the time you send your package- If DC is not sent I will assume you did not send your package in time and you will not be asked to participate in the next swap.

5.       These swaps are meant to be a fun way to try new things- I do not want people complaining that they didn’t like what was sent to them.  If you don’t like surprises, don’t participate. 

6.       You must spend $30 to $50 of your own money on items for your package- You can throw in as many extras and samples as you wish, but as far as buying items goes, stay within the limits.  This prevents one person from spending more than they receive in their package.  You may throw in snacks, music, jewelry, stationary, or anything else you have that is new and unused as “extras”.

7.       Post what you receive on the board when you receive it- Hardly anyone posted what they got this last time around.  This makes the person who sent your package think you didn’t like it and causes hurt feelings.

 If you have read all these rules and can follow them, you are more than welcome to sign up for a swap.  I will not tolerate anyone who does not send their end.  If I have to I will report you to whatever authorities I can for mail fraud, as well as post your name on the board for all to see.  If something ever happens and you are no longer able to participate, you can e-mail me to let me know immediately so that adjustments can be made.  If you have received your package already, you will be asked to return to sender.  This swap operates on an honesty system and I like to think that all the members of Unnaturally Beautiful are honest and reliable people who would never do this to anyone.
Swaplift(er) = A person who goes into a swap with the intention of receiving an item but never sending one in return.

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