Tips for Avoiding Acne Break-outs

The following are tips that I have learned from dealing with my own acne, that you may or may not think about when dealing with a breakout.

Much of the breakouts that I get around my chin area are from my skin coming in contact with things that can cause irritation and clogged pores. Other areas that often break out because of irritation are my neck line and back of my neck. The following is a list of things to avoid when you have acne prone skin.

1. A dirty cell phone- Oils from the skin and make-up debris collect on the phone screen and come in contact with the face and can cause break-outs.

2. A dirty pillow case- It is important to change pillow cases regularly.

3. Fragrance and dye in laundry detergent- If possible, try to use Free & Clear detergents only when dealing with sensitive skin.

4. Oils in shampoo and conditioner- Many products on the market contain oils and chemicals that can irritate the skin. If you find yourself breaking out around your hairline, try changing to a different shampoo/conditioner. Experiment to find one that will work better for you.

5. Dirty hair at night- I never put leave in products in my hair at night after cleansing. I go to bed with clean/ conditioned hair- wet- and wait until morning to add my leave in products so that they are not in my hair at night touching my skin. If you must go to bed with dirty hair, pull it back and off the skin.

6. Other people's skin and hair- This may sound silly, but laying my head on my husband's chest at night or rubbing my face across his face stubble, irritates my skin and causes breakouts at times. I have found that I can avoid it by having him wear a shirt when I lay on him and by trying not to rub my face on his when he has some stubble.

7. When going to public places, especially stores like flea markets and thrift stores, avoid touching your face at all and bring along hand sanitizer.

I hope some of these tips will be helpful. They are far from the normal tips you may read elsewhere, which is why I decided to share them. These are just personal things that I have learned that have helped me. If you have hormonal break-outs or break-outs from other things, of course these may not help much.

What are some things you have learned that might help someone dealing with acne?

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