Calling all aspiring bloggers and vloggers

As many of you know, I have started a new job (that I love) but am also working at my old job until it ends (which is undetermined), so I am having a hard time finding the time to make videos and blog posts.  I still plan on doing them, and am trying to find a new place in my house to set up (the closet wasn't working out).

I am looking to make an Unnaturally Beautiful team of guest bloggers and vloggers to fill in the void until I am settled back into a routine (most likely after the holidays.)  If you already have a YouTube or blog that is great! I am not making any money yet, so I will not be able to pay anyone, but would link to your blog or channel and give you the credit for anything I approve.  I am hoping that in time, if I continue to grow as I am, that I will be able to send out free products to my team to review.

I really need both video tutorials and blog posts. Anyone interested can email me at as that is the e-mail I check most frequently.

I will do the editing and posting.  All I need is your photo's and or video's along with any comments, thoughts, etc.  For blog posts, you can write out whatever you like to go along with your photo's and I will attach accordingly, with minor tweaking/editing.

I would also like to make a page on my website with the team member's photo's and bio's to introduce everyone.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to come to my blog and facebook and youtube and leaving your comments and participating in the little things I do.  It really means a lot!

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