Mirenesse make-up- The treasure of Australia

If you have been a long time make-up addict and television shopper like me, you might remember seeing Mireness and Irene on HSN.  I loved watching Irene present the products, not only for her adorable accent, but because she seemed so intelligent and approachable.  I used and loved many of their products before they left HSN including the Secret Weapon mascara, tinted brow gel (my fav ever!), compact foundation, yellow concealer and many, many others.

I rediscovered Mirenesse after finding their website one day and signed up for their newsletter.  (Go here and sign up, they send many special deals for their subscribers).  On my birthday month I got an e-mail with a link to get a special birthday box for only $19.99 plus shipping.  They have a flat rate shipping to the United States of $8.99 (great price considering that evepearl.com and naimies.com have the same starting price and are in California). I took advantage of this special deal and ordered.  Around the same time Mirenesse also sent me some products to try out and review.  I was beyond excited! 

First, the Birthday box.

The box consisted of three full size items and three deluxe samples.  The full size items were a Cat eyes eyeliner, a gloss with no name and a delicious hand cream. 

The liner is a nice black shade, it is smooth and creamy and doesn't tug or pull the eye, blendable and long-lasting on the eye. Like my Skinn liners, it didn't set well on my hand when swatched, but lasted very well on the eye.  The pencil itself is retractable and has a nice weight to it.  It is also twice the size of most pencils I own.

The gloss is a thick, opaque Barbie pink.  It is hydrating and smooth, no stickiness.  It also lasted a long time.  While the color isn't the best for my skin tone, the formula itself is nice.  I would love to try another color.

The hand cream was my favorite of all the items.  It smells like oranges, sinks into the skin with no greasiness and makes my hands feel soft and silky.  I have it on my desk at work and use it several times a day.  Love!

I have not tried the skin care yet, as I am on strict orders from my derm not to be using any skin care until we get my skin worked out.

The items sent to me came in the cutest box.  It was very boutique looking.  All the items were individually packaged in envelopes as well.  (These are from their new Boutique M collection.)

I received a 3-D forever gloss in Tease, Cougar mascara and a magic touch foundation in Mocha.

I have had time to really try out these products before reviewing so that I can give you my honest opinion.  I actually liked them all.

The 3-D forever gloss once again was not a shade that went well with my skin tone.  I can't do pale or nude very well.  But the formula of this gloss was nice.  I loved the high shine that this gloss had.  It made the lips appear fuller without actually being a plumper.  This is a shade that I could put in the center of my lips over another color to make them look fuller.  The gloss was not sticky at all.  I also liked that they were able to make a high shine color without the chunky glitter or gritty feel that a lot of shiny glosses have.  This is a great formula for anyone who has thin lips.  It is also great for those who have problems with feathering because the formula is thick enough and holds well so not to move around.

The Cougar mascara was interesting to me.  I have never been a fan of comb mascara's because I prefer volume to length.  But, I do love Secret Weapon mascara, so I had to give this one a shot.  It is a tubing mascara like all Mirenesse mascara, meaning that you do not need an additional remover to take it off. It comes off neatly with warm water.  The color was a rich black.  What it did for my lashes was define them nicely and lengthen nicely just as I suspected it would.  It was very long lasting and did not transfer or flake, which I have found all Mirenesse mascara's to be.  It would be great for anyone who likes a lengthening mascara, needs definition or has unruly lashes that need combing to calm them.  (My sister has very crooked lashes that could benefit from a comb.)

The foundation delivery system was a unique concept.  You can either squeeze from the tube to use or use directly from the sponge and work into the skin.  The coverage was light to medium for me.  It is very hydrating and has an illuminating quality without being shimmery or shiny, more like a glow from within.  If you have dry skin this would be excellent.  I have oily skin, so I did have to powder often with this foundation, but found over-all that it lasted well despite my skin.  I would not recommend it for an oily skin type.  I think this would be great for teenager's because of the lightness of it and ease of use or anyone with dry skin.  It did not cause any irritation or break-outs on my sensitive skin.  It does have an spf of 15.  The Mocha shade is perfect on my medium skin.

Over-all this is a great brand.  The products are all science based, which I love.  These are only a few of the many products they carry.  From past experience I can highly recommend the Icon concealer, the pressed shadows, the tinted brow gel and the Secret Weapon mascara.  I can't wait to try more products from this line.

My wishlist:

Secret Weapon Super Volume mascara
Brow gel
Mineral foundations
HD powder
mousse concealer
brush set
forever lipstick

Take a look at the website and tell me what you would like to try. I will pick a winner from the comments and send you a prize :) http://www.mirenesse.com/

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