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Julep July shipment- America the Beautiful!

I am extremely happy this morning after getting my Julep box in the mail. I had thought I missed this one, but the customer service at Julep is top notch, and they sent me one. I was so excited about this month because of the "extra" that was included.

I am "Classic with a twist" according to the quiz I took. This seems to match me quite well. You can, of course, switch categories any month if you choose to, but I really loved this one.

Here are the pics:

The contents are always so cute!
Love how they included atomic fireballs in the box. My kids took them immediately and then decided it was a bad choice.... :)
Julep gloss in Camellia
The nail polishes wrapped securely in a pretty red ribbon.
Inspirational quote
I love the whole theme to the box, from the filler to the star tissue paper.
Polishes Audrey, Freida, America
swatch of Camellia
quick swatches of the polishes

I know, I know, my nails suck! I am growing out a damaged nail bed from acrylics, so I keep them cut very …

Mally Effortless Airbrush shadow- Earth Angel swatches

Only available at QVC, this shimmering trio is perfect for the person who likes a glowing, wash of color. The pigmentation is soft and blendable. They last as long as a regular shadow on me.

The pink shade would work well as a blush as well as a shadow, and the middle shade (though it has some glitter in it) would double as a highlighter as well as a shadow. The third shade could be intensified with water to use as a liner as well as shadow.

Using this palette in multiple ways would justify the $50 price tag better than just using them as shadows, but if you like them as is, I say go for it.

QVC Description:
What is it: Eye shadow that glides on effortlessly and brightens your entire face.

Who is it for: Women who want bullet-proof eye shadow that allows you to achieve flawless, luminous coverage, but with the control and precision of a professional-caliber blush.

Why is it different: The Effortless Airbrush Eye Shadow formula isn't a powder; it's not a cream; it's the …

Skinn Cosmetics- Summer Color Affair

Skinn Cosmetics launched their Color Affair collection in Fall 2011 with their Fall inspired kit.  The Winter Color Affair followed later that year, and the Spring collection earlier this year.  This week I received the Summer Color Affair collection and let me just say, they saved the best for last!

This collection consists of:

Summer Light- Natural Light Illuminizer
The Regatta blush and bronze collection
The Regatta eye collection
Dream Team double ended liners in Regatta Glow and Black Sea
Twin Set lipstick/gloss duo in Summer Peach and Summer Rose

The eyeshadow collection reminds me of Estee Lauder the way the bronzey colors are paired with the turquoise blues.  The quality may be better than El though, since the pigmentation is great along with having anti-aging benefits that most companies do not add to shadows.

The blushes are the perfect mix of bronze and pink and are extremely pigmented.  You only need a small amount and even then should use a fluffy brush and knock off exce…

Review- It Cosmetics Airbrush Illuminizer

It Cosmetics Airbrush Illuminizer
The It Cosmetics Airbrush Illuminizer has been the hot item in the blogosphere for months.  One reason is the fact that it's always sold out on QVC, which happens to be the only place to purchase it.  Everyone wants to get their hands on it.  I was lucky enough to be sent one to review from the company. 

I had been one of the ladies on Waitlist on QVC trying to get my hands on this little gem.  A friend of mine ( sent me a sample while I was on Waitlist and I fell in love.  I was so excited when the company sent me one!!

Why do I love this powder?

First of all, this to me is not a regular old highlighter.  To me it is more like a bringer of light.  It attracts light to the areas of the face it is applied, creating an almost angelic glow on the skin.  Most highlighters just create a sheen on the face or a metallic looking shine. 

A close inspection of this angelic powder will show a rainbow of opalescent particles.…