Julep July shipment- America the Beautiful!

I am extremely happy this morning after getting my Julep box in the mail. I had thought I missed this one, but the customer service at Julep is top notch, and they sent me one. I was so excited about this month because of the "extra" that was included.

I am "Classic with a twist" according to the quiz I took. This seems to match me quite well. You can, of course, switch categories any month if you choose to, but I really loved this one.

Here are the pics:

The contents are always so cute!

Love how they included atomic fireballs in the box. My kids took them immediately and then decided it was a bad choice.... :)

Julep gloss in Camellia

The nail polishes wrapped securely in a pretty red ribbon.

Inspirational quote

I love the whole theme to the box, from the filler to the star tissue paper.

Polishes Audrey, Freida, America

swatch of Camellia

quick swatches of the polishes

I know, I know, my nails suck! I am growing out a damaged nail bed from acrylics, so I keep them cut very short. I am over halfway there :). At least you can see the color from two coats you get on an actual nail.

Audrey is a beautiful soft, shimmery pale pink.

Freida is a medium pink with silver shimmer.

America is a red shimmer base with silver and blue glitter and stars.

Did you know that you can join Julep for only a penny?
Click here and enter code Julepintro at check-out.

After your intoductory box, you will be billed monthly at $19.99 and get your very own box unique to your style shipped for free to your mailbox. There are other perks to being a Julep Maven. Click here for more info.

You can also follow Julep on their Facebook page. I do :)

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