Skinn Cosmetics- Summer Color Affair

Skinn Cosmetics launched their Color Affair collection in Fall 2011 with their Fall inspired kit.  The Winter Color Affair followed later that year, and the Spring collection earlier this year.  This week I received the Summer Color Affair collection and let me just say, they saved the best for last!

This collection consists of:

Summer Light- Natural Light Illuminizer
The Regatta blush and bronze collection
The Regatta eye collection
Dream Team double ended liners in Regatta Glow and Black Sea
Twin Set lipstick/gloss duo in Summer Peach and Summer Rose

The eyeshadow collection reminds me of Estee Lauder the way the bronzey colors are paired with the turquoise blues.  The quality may be better than El though, since the pigmentation is great along with having anti-aging benefits that most companies do not add to shadows.

The blushes are the perfect mix of bronze and pink and are extremely pigmented.  You only need a small amount and even then should use a fluffy brush and knock off excess so as not to apply too much.  I have found on my skin, that Skinn blushes last the longest of any I have.

Can I just say that I am in love with these lip colors?  I didn't think they'd be able to top the Spring colors of bright orange and barbie pink, but these two are so perfectly wearable and lovely on the lips.  They remind me of a summer romance.

I have had a love/hate relationship with the liner duos.  When applied to my hand, they don't set like long wear liners, and feel more like grease sticks.  But, I have found that they wear very well on the eyes with a primer.  The colors almost change according to the shadow colors you wear.  The Black Sea took on a navy appearance when used with the teal shadows.  If you are someone who has trouble with waterproof liners not lasting on the waterline, try these.  You may find they work better.

This kit was available at  If the trend of the past kits continues with this one, it will be released on it's own on the website soon.  The other kits have all been sold individually.

My favorites of the kits have been Spring and Summer, but Summer is the one that I would recommend most if you can only buy one.

I did a quick demo for you all below.

This is my step-daughter Maci.  I applied the Natural Light Illuminator as her foundation, then used a small amount of concealer where needed.  I then used the bronzer to contour the cheeks, blending well, followed by the light peach blush on the tops of the cheekbones, and the rose blush on the apples of the cheeks.  I then blended it all well with a clean brush.

Next I applied the Black Sea duo- using the thin liner on the lower lash line and the fat end on the lashes, blending out with a small brush and extended the outer edges up.

I then took the pale yellow shadow and applied on the inner corners, and the lighter blue next to it.

Next I applied the darker blue next to the lighter blue and the dark brown on the outer corner.

I then blended out the crease with the copper color.

Next I filled in the brows and applied a skin tone shade under the brows to further blend out the copper shade.

The last step was the lips.  We decided on the Summer Peach duo.

The finished look!

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