CBV Bath and Body review

I'm sure a lot of you, like me, follow makeupbytiffanyd on YouTube. And maybe you saw the video review she did on this companies products and decided to order a couple, like I did. And, if you did, you know that the site got bombarded and the orders were back-ordered due to the high volume of orders, and that it took about a month to get your order in.

I had actually forgot about placing this order until I looked on my porch this morning and found my package. I was immediately worried that it had melted in the heat. Luckily, it arrived safely.

I only ordered two things to try out. First was of course the makeupbytiffanyd soap round and then a bathtime with pooh soap. The smells kinda mushed together in the package, so reviewing them will be a problem at the moment. Together they smell very clean and laundry-ish in a good way. I will review the actual products and how they smell, perform, etc at a later time.

Now for the photo's:

Tiffany-D soap round is the large blue one with the pink shoe, Bathtime with Pooh is the yellow honeycomb, and then the sample looks to be Melsea.

Unwrapped you can see them better. TiffanyD is a hard round with a whipped fluff on top. The ingredients can be found on the website listed below.

I decided to store the TiffanyD in an airtight container and the other soaps in sandwich bags. Of course, my son took my little sample bar and immediately wanted to take a bath. He is still in there :)

All products can be purchased here alond with other products not mentioned. I am still wanting to try CBV candles, but haven't yet. I used code TIFFANYD to get 10% off, it may still work, it may not.

If you have tried these products or any CBV candles, what do you think?

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