Makeup Geek eyeshadows and lipsticks- My collection

If you don't subscribe to Makeup Geek on YouTube, what the heck is wrong with you? Marlena is one of the nicest and most sincere people on YouTube and her charm is intoxicating.

She recently launched her own cosmetics line and I couldn't wait to get my hands on everything she had. But, who am I kidding? I am a broke make-up addict, so it has been a slow process for me collecting all these pretties.

Did I mention how fantastic her prices are? Eyeshadows are only $5.99 and lipsticks are only $7.99.
You can find all of these on the Makeup Geek website here.

I started with about four eyeshadows and have collected 2 or 3 at a time since building up to what I have. I keep them in a pink Z palette (also sold in the MUG store). The shipping is very low. Every now and then they offer a discount too, so it's worth subscribing to the website.

The eyeshadows are magnetic pans, but they are also sold in pot form on the website.

Top row: moondust, last dance, unexpected, twilight
Bottom row: cupcake, shimma shimma, fuji, shimmermint

moondust, last dance, unexpected, twilight

cupcake, shimma shimma, fuji, shimmermint

Top row: homecoming, cocoa bear, vanilla bean
Bottom row: razzleberry, mandarine, ice queen

homecoming, cocoa bear, vanilla bean

razzleberry, mandarine, ice queen

Top row: unicorn, poolside, appletini, dirty martini
Bottom row: corrupt, bada bing, bitten

unicorn, poolside, appletini, dirty martini

corrupt, bada bing, bitten

chickadee, neptune, mercury

chickadee, neptune, mercury

As with every cosmetic line, there will be some you prefer more than others. What Makeup Geek does well is mix a variety of matte and shimmer, though I find the shimmer swatch better than the matte. That's not saying that the matte's are not good. They are all very pigmented. I only had trouble getting neptune to swatch, but that is easily fixed by using a primer. Corrupt is the blackest black I own and I highly recommend it.

All of my swatches are done without a base.

lipstick packaging

my lovely fingerprints on the packaging... :)



Both of these lipstick shades are beautiful and very wearable on my medium complexion and even now that I have more of a tan. I hate my lips in photo's, so these hand swatches will have to do. You definitely can't go wrong buying these two.

The formula is very light weight, and stays on quite well. I found them to be a little drying at times on me and needed a gloss, but that only makes them longer wearing. It wasn't uncomfortable or in any way displeasing. I still would recommend them.

I highly recommend checking any of these shades out, and the ones I don't have out as well. Eventually, I will have them all and will continue updating this post as I get them.

Are you a makeup geek? I am!

Not affiliated with make-up geek. All products purchased by me.

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