Makeup Geek shadows...part two

When I last reviewed the Makeup Geek shadows, I didn't have the packaging handy to photograph. This is how the individual pans are shipped.

This time I ordered three new shades. I often order 3 to 4 at a time when I have a few extra bucks. It's slower, but more affordable to collect them this way. Shipping is not that expensive, so I don't mind paying it each time.

Beaches & Cream, Gold Digger, Mermaid

Beaches & Cream is a nice fleshtone, matte shade. It's not a dry, powdery matte, it almost looks like satin.

Gold Digger is a more antiqued looking gold, rather than a bold, metallic gold.

Mermaid is more beautiful than words. My favorite of the MUG shades so far. Pictures do not capture the dimension in this shade. There is a mixture of blue/green/gold and shimmer.

Have you placed your order yet? Definitely get Mermaid!

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