Top 5 Summer hair products and low cost alternatives

I am very particular about what I use on my hair, especially since it is prone to breakage and I lose a lot of it daily. I go through phases with shampoo's and like to switch every couple months. I was in love with Lea Journo and did a post on it with a hair update which I will link here. Now that it's summer, my hair routine is very different as I want to protect it from the heat and sun.

Here are my top five products for summer:

1. Wen Summer Mango Coconut cleansing conditioner- I love this because of how great it smells and the smell lingers in my hair until I cleanse again. This is a seasonal scent and only available during summer months. The seasonals are a mix of the regular Wen formula with the 613 formula. I love using this alone. It makes my hair smooth and bouncy. $29- QVC

A lower cost alternative is the Loreal EverCreme cleansing conditioner. It will not leave the wonderful scent in the hair, but you can achieve a similar result.

2. My second favorite summer hair product is the Wen 613 replenishing mist. Again, this is because of the scent. It refreshes the hair, conditions and adds shine. The scent to this one is vanilla and lemon, kind of like a lemon cake. I would wear this as a fragrance if Chaz would make it. $26- QVC

A lower cost alternative would be the TRESemme' Freshstart refreshing mist. Again, you won't get the benefit of the wonderful scent or the same ingredients, but you can achieve a similar result. Another one I have found in Target is a refreshing spray by Shea Moisture, but I haven't tried it yet.

3. Lush R & B leave-in cream. This little container is packed with a mixture of butters and oils that smell like a summer cocktail. I love this as a leave-in on dry ends. It also leaves behind a wonderful fragrance along with adding moisture to the hair. The Shea butter in it is also a natural sunscreen (approximately spf6 in it's natural state). $20- Lush stores

My lower cost alternative is the Garnier Pure Clean smoothing cream. This cream will smooth the hair and give a similar result, but again, no amazing scent.

4. Dry Shampoo- Any brand. These are both from the drugstore. Lush has one in powder form that I want to try as a better alternative, but for now, the TRESemme' is my favorite. Dry shampoo is a must in summer because with the heat I like to keep my natural oils in my hair as long as possible. Dry shampoo helps control the look of oiliness without stripping the hair so that I can go longer in between cleansing.

5. My final summer must have is organic, unrefined coconut oil. This can be found in most stores that have an organic section. Mine came from Kroger for around $11. This is the best deep conditioner that you can use for your hair. I like to apply it root to tip and leave on overnight. Cleanse as normal the next day and have unbelievably smooth and shiny hair. I have read that using coconut oil before cleansing reduces swelling in the hair shaft and helps to prevent damage. There are numerous articles online about the benefits of this oil.

As you can probably tell, I like products that smell good in the summer. The reason for this is because we sweat in the summer. And when the hair gets moist and has good smelling products in it, the scent becomes noticeable. I like to be able to smell my products and not smell like sweaty hair. I also stay away from hairspray and products containing alcohol in the summer. They are very drying.

Here is my hair one year ago:

Here is what my hair looks like after cleansing with my Wen and air drying.

Forgive the wonky hair in the middle.

I have been growing my hair for the longest time. It is finally getting a healthy look to it. If you read my Lea Journo review, you will see how my hair is changed from then to now.

So, what are your must have summer hair products?

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