Six Months After Accutane- Update

Six Months After Accutane:

I have to say, the last six months have been rough. While on Accutane, my skin was smooth and flawless, but dry. It stayed that way for about two months after I stopped taking the pills. Then my pores started clogging and I had major breakouts. I had a lot of trial and error before I found products that were effective on my new skin. It turned out that the products that didn't work for me before, work great now. I also realize that less is more as far as my skincare is concerned. My skin is still really dry vs. the oily skin I had before. The oil has not come back. My skin is also not as sensitive as it used to be. Blackheads are really my only concern other than hydration.

The products that work now:

Panoxyl- Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser: This is a must for keeping blackheads at bay. It is found in drugstores/Wal-Mart. The price seems to stay around $10 and the tube is a nice size that lasts several months. I like to use this at night before I go to bed. ( Panoxyl Acne Cleansing Bar)

In the mornings I use Bare Minerals  Purifying Facial Cleanser. It is very gently and doesn't dry out my skin.

On days I need to remove my make-up, I like philosophy 32 oz. super size purity made simple to remove it, then follow with one of my other cleansers.

There are two moisturizers that are working really well with no reaction on my skin:

  Dr. Denese Firming Facial Age Corrector Cream 1.7 oz.This is my must have, all the time, moisturizer. I cannot live without this cream. The glycolic acid in it helps to exfoliate the skin, and I really feel this has been very beneficial in keeping my skin clear.

Algenist Anti-Aging Moisturizer 2 oz.This is a new favorite, and is fairly new on the market. It sinks into the skin immediately and hydrates without feeling dewy or sticky. I love the glow this gives to my skin, and it also helps to keep me clear.

That is basically all I use now. I also use Bare Escentuals Firming eye cream and Jack Black lip balm at night before bed, but those have nothing to do with my acne. My skin is about 95% clear now, with occasional blackheads, but no acne bumps or whiteheads.

Would I use Accutane again? Heck, yeah! The side effects were mild in comparison to the ones I have had from antibiotics and creams. I basically only had dryness and some bloody noses (from the dryness.) Always do your own research before starting anything, and talk thoroughly with your doctor. My dermatologist used Accutane himself when he was younger, and prescribes it frequently to clients. He has never had anyone suffer from any major side effects as listed on the warning labels. He thinks the problem is the stigma given from attorney's wanting to make money off of clients who will sue products like Accutane in order to gain reputation or make money. If it weren't for them, the prices wouldn't be so high either. Yes, the birth defects are real, which is why you must follow strict guidelines, to not get pregnant. You also have blood drawn once a month to monitor your liver as well as other vital organs. Again, I never had any change in any of my levels while on Accutane.

Are you considering Accutane?

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