Why is moving so stressful?

You may have noticed my lack of posts this month.

There is a very good reason for this, as I sold my house and thought I had a new one bought, but had complication after complication with the house, (structure problems), and ended up getting out of the contract.

We are now staying with my husband's parents after failed attempt number two at buying another house (also structure damage found, as well as termites, roof damage, etc) and getting out of that contract.

Attempt number three is underway and we were actually supposed to close on this house today, but the bank found out that the guy selling it isn't on the deed of the house (he inherited from his dead mother), so we have to wait another week for him to get that resolved.

So, hopefully this time next week, I have a home again!

I am trying to blog as much as possible, but all of my belongings are divided up into three storage buildings, so getting to anything to photograph, or even finding a place to work from, is very difficult. But, when we are settled in the next month, it will be better than ever!

Next month may be another slow month for me. I am also trying to get back into cosmetology school as well as finding a part-time job. But, I am going to be making all my social outlets more of a priority in the future. I have big plans!

Oh, and if any cosmetic companies are reading this, I would love a local job as a representative or makeup artist :). I guarantee, I am good at it! (hint hint Laura Geller).

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