Do you Starbucks?

While making my morning coffee this morning, I started thinking about the $5 pumpkin spice latte I indulged in earlier in the week. I wondered, do I really love these $5 beverages, or do I love saying I went to Starbucks?

The coffee is often too hot and too strong for my liking, yet I have convinced myself I love drinking it. What about how annoying the sizing is of the cups- tall, venti, grande? What ever happened to small, medium, large? I often still order "medium" and either get a weird look, or they just write the correct "term" on the cup.

Sure, the pumkin spice and other holiday drinks are limited to certain times a year, but many gas stations in my area have similar flavors in their machines during those same times for under a buck.

My Keurig makes any flavor of coffee I want. Coffee Mate makes my favorite Peppermint Mocha creamer. Together, they make one delicious cup of coffee and better suited to my taste. I can also have it in under a minute for around $.50 a cup.

I wish I had a Dunkin Donuts to compare to. Unfortunatley, they aren't around here. I have had them while travelling and they were delicious. I can't remember the price, though.

In conclusion, I believe the notoriety of Starbucks lures people in more than the actual quality of the drinks. Sure, they do make some delicious drinks, but they are not really much better than any other coffee I have had.

Will I stop going there? Probably not, it is Starbucks, after all.

PS) Did you know that you can order your drink to be made at a lower temperature? I was told that once when I asked them to put ice in it so I could drink it. I still forget to order the lower temp everytime!

Do you Starbucks?

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