New Obsession- Dalton Nude lip wardrobe

From QVC.

What is it: Add just the right amount of color. Create ultra-smooth, ultra-shiny lips in just two steps. Nude Lip Wardrobe's conditioning lip formula is fortified to help lock in moisture, soothe, and protect. The gloss is sheer genius color matched to complement the lip color.

Who is it for: Anyone looking for subtle, sexy lips.

Why is it different: The Nude Lip Wardrobe is formulated with collagen tri-peptides and paired with hyaluronic spheres, which help hydrate and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

How do I use it: The products can be worn together or separate for a beautiful, natural-looking pout.

From Dalton.


  • Nude Lip Wardrobe with 0.15-oz lipstick in Bella and 0.19-oz lip gloss in Baby Doll, both pink shades
  • Nude Lip Wardrobe with 0.15-oz lipstick in French Beige and 0.19-oz lip gloss in Buff, both pink-brown shades
  • Made in USA

Now for my opinions of the product:

The smell- slightly sweet/sugary scent in the gloss, minimal scent in the lipstick.

Texture-  The lipstick is very smooth, almost feels like a gel cream, not super thick or overly creamy, so it stays on the lips well.  The lipgloss is a thicker gloss, not sticky, and smooth, with a small amount of shimmer, but not gritty or sparkly.

Longevity- This lipstick is very long lasting. Even when gloss is applied over, it is long lasting. It doesn't move on the lips, feels good and hydrating without feeling goopy.

Hydration- my lips do not peel with these! My lips peel with lipbalms, and most other lipstick/glosses I use, but not with these. My lips feel very comfortable with these on. I even use the gloss alone at night when my lips feel dry. The hyaluronic spheres in these glosses draw moisture to your lips and are excellent for dry/chapped lips. I am very pleased!

Bella/Babydoll- natural/nude on the pinker side. My favorite of the duo and would be the one for cooler toned women.

French Beige/Buff- natural/nude on the brown side but can lean a smidge coral on some women. In my experience working in cosmetics, I have found that some women have a problem with many shades looking "orange" on their lips, and this shade could lean that way alone. The glosses help to counteract this. This would be the warmer toned choice.

I love how these can snap apart and mix and match, but one problem for me is that they are not individually named/labeled. I like to know what I'm wearing for blogging purposes, so I'd like for each end to be labeled.

The gloss wand is angled with a built in scoop hole to get enough gloss on the wand in one application. This is brilliant and more brands should do that. Nothing is more irritating than having to apply a gloss six times to get enough product on your lips.

French Beige




Left-Babydoll/Baby, Right-Buff/French Beige

French Beige/Buff


French Beige/Buff


I would recommend these to anyone wanting a natural nude lip, that doesn't erase your lips. These enhance the natural tone of your lips. You can only purchase  Dalton Nude Lip Wardrobe with Collagen Tri-Peptides on QVC.
 Oh, and Dalton has also released a Perfect Palette lip wardrobe for Fall that I cannot wait to get my hands on!

Will you be trying Dalton? What experience do you already have with the brand? Comment Below.

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**Items sent for review

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