WICKED the musical- my experience

Last night was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and a memory I will cherish forever. I finally got to go see Wicked- front row! Live vicariously through me below.

I had tickets two years ago when they were here, but I had to go out of town unexpectedly and was forced to give my ticket away. I had been looking in every city I have travelled to up until now to get the chance to finally go see it. Luckily, tickets went for sale here in Louisville around my birthday, so my husband purchased us front row seats.

We were not allowed to take photo or video while inside (though I caught some people sneaking and doing so) so the photos I have found are of the cast that was here and are the same moments I witnessed last night.

First, the stage was a giant dragon with clock gears and the background was an actual clock. A map was the curtain and the Emerald City was lighted up in the middle.

\I was amazed at the beautiful costumes and how the actors were able to change so quickly. The makeup was very simple for most of the characters. Madame Morrible, Elphaba, and Glinda were the most made up, not including the "Animals". (If you read the books, you know that speaking animals had a capital A)

Our Elphaba was played by the absolutely amazing Christine Dwyer. She was so endearing, and played the part so well that you wanted to hug her or be her. Her voice was from Heaven, pitch perfect, and was soft in the soft moments and could really belt it out in the exciting moments. I admit, at first I was disappointed that Idina Menzel no longer played Elphaba and that I never got the chance to see her in action, but after seeing Christine play her, I couldn't imagine anyone else doing such a perfect job.

When Elphaba first appears on stage, she is pushing her sister's wheelchair. Her classmates see her and all gasp and run. She makes everyone laugh when she yells to them that she is not see sick and doesn't eat grass. I was suprised at all the humor, and found myself laughing throughout the production.

Q and A with Christine HERE

Christine Dwyer

Christine Dwyer as Elphaba

Glinda was played by Jeanna de Waal. If anyone was made to be Glinda, it was Jeanna. Her dimples and leg flick give her the flirty, girly charm that makes Glinda, Glinda. She had most of the best lines, making everyone laugh throughout the night. The hair flick scene was one of my favorites!

Christine and Jeanna

singing Popular

Their farewell song- Because I Knew You

Opening Act- Glinda comes down on her bubble
The rest of the cast was also amazing. (Everything seems to be amazing to me...lol) I was in front, so I really got to see the characters and noticed when one person played multiple roles. The monkeys were also the townspeople. The dances were performed beautifully and perfectly choreographed. I kept thinking how muscular they have to be to do those nightly. I wonder how much practice it took to perfect the routines. How many auditions the people went to to get the parts? How excited must Christine have been when she found out she was Elphaba? Yeah, this is what I think of while being completely wrapped up in everything else around me :).

some of the cast

I cannot wait to be able to see Wicked again, next time it comes to town! The lady sitting next to me had seen it four times!

I have read that schools are taking students to see Wicked to teach them about prejudice and bullying. What a great thing this musical is doing! See Article HERE

Some fun videos:

Defying gravity
Elphaba goes green

If you ever get the chance to see Wicked, I absolutely urge you to go. It is an experience you will never forget!

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