Julep October Box- (2012) Classic With a Twist

I love this month's Halloween themed box, even though Halloween is my least favorite holiday.

Candy corn!

The surprise this month is nail glitter. I got a black and an orange.

quick dry drops, Boris & Nicole, Gwyneth

Boris & Nicole

top to bottom: black glitter with topcoat, Boris & Nicole, b & n with Gwyneth, b & n with orange glitter tip
I love the Boris & Nicole polish! It applied evenly and opaque in just one coat! The orange glitter is also really nice and has a great sparkle on the nails. The Gwyneth is great to have around for adding shine to a natural nail. The black glitter was a dud for me. I tried it over the Boris & Nicole first and it didn't sparkle. I then tried alone and it ends up looking more like tar on my nails than a glitter. But, overall, a great box.

I will be trying out the quick dry drops at a later time. Having to only use one coat of polish, I didn't need help in drying it.

Hope this post was helpful :)

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