Makeup Lessons- Number One

I was a proud momma today when my thirteen year old daughter came to me and asked for makeup lessons. My daughter is a tom-boy who loves hunting, fishing, animals, books, anything un-girly and that doesn't bring attention to her. Put a little eye-liner or some colored mascara and she turns into a self-confident mini-me.

Several months back she had commented how she like the winged liner I was wearing that day and said she wanted to learn how to do it. I offered to teach her when she was ready to learn. Today was that day.

She did a pretty good job for a beginner!

I chose the Dalton Cosmetics Navy Shimmer Creme Eyeliner for her because it is the perfect shade to emphasize her eyes without looking garish. The product itself is user friendly for a beginner and will last longer than other brands because of the design of the packaging, preventing it from drying out. She also loves blue!
We tried the Dalton liner brush, but she couldn't quite get the hang of the swiveled end, so we ended up trying again with a Tarte liner brush, and it worked better for her.

Applying with the Dalton liner brush


I did the right side and she did the left side. Not bad for a beginner! I taught her to go back and clean up with a q-tip.

After cleaning up with a q-tip.

You know I had to finish her whole face after getting started. I "shopped" my collection and decided on a Laura Geller Balance N Brighten for her in fair. This worked well to cover any breakouts or marks on her face and looked completely natural on her skin. I then gave her a shadow duo that I knew would be easy for her to use from Dalton and the brush that went with it. I taught her a simple way to apply using the lighter shade as a base and the darker shade to slightly emphasize the crease. We finished off with a little pink blush and a sheer gloss from NYX.

The result was a fresh face, even complexion, with emphasis on the eyes. She absolutely loved it!! I think this is age appropriate for a teen and not overboard. It is a fun look and easy for her to learn and practice with.

Her favorite pic :)

At what age did you start wearing makeup?

I started loving makeup in grade school but was only allowed to wear at Halloween in public. My mom let me start wearing it to school in seventh grade. Back then we had over-teased hair and the makeup wasn't as good as we see today. I will leave you with a photo of me from seventh grade. Try not to laugh too hard :).

I wish I would have been my mom back I much prefer my daughter's look to mine...hahaha.


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