My almost week at UPS

Times are hard right now, and I really need some extra funds coming in- too bad I don't get paid to blog.

I went through a staffing company who got me a job a couple years ago, and they only had openings right now for warehouse positions at UPS logistics. Since I really need to work, I told them I would take it and give it a shot.

Big Mistake!

Let's first discuss how the place is more secure than a military installation. I had to show my ID at the gate to get onto the property and be checked in. I then had to go through security in the building, only taking in clear bags, no phone, and going through metal detectors. When leaving the building, you have to go back through security and metal detectors, cannot take any opened soft drinks out of the building for fear you might steal something inside your drink? Then you have to raise your pant legs to let them see that nothing is stuck in your shoes. Oh, and have to be let out of the gate when leaving the property with a camera recording your vehicle.

This wouldn't be so ridiculous to me if I had worked in an area with high dollar items or drugs etc., but I packed large pieces of foam into large boxes. I don't think they would fit in my soft drink.

The job itself was in a poorly managed area of the building. Most of the "stations" didn't have floor mats.  There were no lights or bells when you needed something, you had to scream across the line. It was clear that the temporary employees were disposable and unimportant. The other "employees" said that most people quit after half a day.

My job consisted of pulling a box off the line (when the machine wasn't broke and I wasn't having to tape them together myself) folding a cardboard divider and sticking it into the box, sticking two pieces of foam in the box, tearing off a plastic bag and sticking it into the box with several sheets of paper, attaching a label and sticking the return label in the box and sticking the box on another belt. Oh, and it all had to be done in twenty seconds!

My poor hand

Needless to say, I called the staffing place after day one and asked to be taken off the job. I tried to finish the week, but after three days and multiple injuries (deep cuts, sore muscles, bruising), I was done and couldn't take another day.

Here's an idea for UPS and other companies going the temp direction instead of hiring people on. Treat people like they are important by providing a comfortable work station and all the equipment they need to perform a job, and they might stay. You might be cutting corners by paying people less and not having to provide any benefits, but you are not getting quality employees either. I have worked in places that care about their employees, and there is a clear difference- both in production and morale. Happy employees care about their jobs and work harder!

I am a good, hard, worker and I would love to find a place that I enjoyed working in. Until I finish school (which keeps getting delayed) it is becoming harder and harder to find any work, much less one I enjoy.

The lesson in today's story:


Don't wait until you are in your 30's like me to figure it all out. It only gets harder.

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