Revlon Nail Art Style Strips- Lips & Tips

It was love at first sight when I passed by these nail strips in the store. I couldn't find a price tag but I had to have them!

I mean, come on, they have lipsticks on them!

I ended up paying $8.99 for these. If I could go back in time, I would save myself $8.99.

This was my first attempt at strip polish and I can honestly say it is probably my last. They were very difficult to apply and did not come out even. I applied according to the directions on the box. My edges were uneven and parts tried to roll up. I went with it though because they were so cute and because they were $9 for one use. I applied a top coat over them to keep them on.

How long did they last?

I can't give an average answer to that because they job I went to the next day required wearing latex gloves all day. The heat and moisture from the glove caused them to peel off withing two-three days.

I still think the design is cute. But, from now on, I will stick with traditional polish.
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