Want You To Want Me- Anastasia Holiday 2012

Anastasia Beverly Hills Want You To Want Me- Holiday 2012 palette/kit

I received this gem of a kit several weeks ago and have tested it out extensively to review for you.

Let's start with some photos and I will then let you know my thoughts.

The press kit is a faux record. It is so unique and clever... I can't wait to hang it on the wall in my new beauty room. I may even frame it.

The whole theme to this "album" and kit is very 70's. You will notice the necklace and chains carry from every element of the collection as well as using song titles. I can't help but singing "I want you to want me" every time I see this kit and then I start quoting the movie "10 Things I Hate About You".

Kit Contents as written on the "album"
From Anastasia:
A kit within a clutch. A nod to the glam and decadence of the 1970’s.
Kit styled like a clutch and features a removable eye shadow palette for a takeaway touch-up wherever your night takes you. Nine long-wearing eye shadows create a range of looks from neutral to dramatic to smokey.

- Velvety smooth matte and hydrating Illumin8 shimmer shades keep eyes looking glam and crease-free.
- High-pigment shadows can be worn dry for a sheer wash of color. Wear wet to transform shadow into liner or for a bold metallic finish.
- Dual-sided eye shadow brush included.
- Jet black liquid eye liner creates the perfect thin line for a dramatic eye.
- Mini Clear Brow Gel sets brows in place all day and night.

Youthful SynergyTM Complex in Shimmer shades.
Brown Algae - A key ingredient that smoothes, firms, hydrates, and revitalizes the appearance of skin.
Diamond Core Powder - Diffuses light for a soft focus effect.
Sea Whip Extract - Soothes the skin.
Macadamia derivative - A natural hydrator capable of holding up to 300% more water in the skin.
Powerful antioxidants of Vitamins A, B, C, E, and F. Balkan Botanical Infusion®.
Before I remove plastic protective sleeve

After removing plastic, outer cardboard case

Velvet case of actual palette, magnetic closure

Inside contents

Shadow names written under the palette

Open eyeshadow palette

platform wedge, front row center, jiggy

member's only, power ballad, jellies

graphic t's, brass in pocket, iron on


liquid liner

liquid liner brush

liner swatch

brow gel

brow gel brush

back of cardboard cover

Freshly applied makeup using this kit

Close-up of eyes

Makeup 14 hours later
Now for my thoughts:

The palette itself is incredible. Every shadow I have tried so far from this company have been amazing. I'm still sad that I missed out on the She Wears It Well palette that is now sold out everywhere :(, I heard it was equally amazing!

The pigmentation of the shadows are great; there's not a bad one. I love that there are some purples and unexpected color combo's in this palette instead of going with traditional neutrals. These shades are still neutral enough to not be scary to the neutral girls, though.

I can definitely vouch for these being long wearing. I applied my shadows early in the morning and when I took it off very late that night, the shadow was still nearly perfect even though the rest of my face had melted off (See photo above). When you consider that these are hydrating and anti-aging, and also don't crease or fade, they are pretty darn amazing! The liner and brows were also still in place and hadn't flaked or smudged after 14 hours.

The liner itself is smaller than a normal size and those with longer or curlier lashes like me may find it difficult to use. I had to take it slow and go over with a brush, but I got it to work. It is very black, which I prefer, and will need time to dry before moving on to other things.

The brow gel is great, not crispy or drying like some can be. I also own the tinted version and like them both.

The tiny brush included is actually pretty nice for a kit brush. I have actually used it for detail work and it worked great.

The price of this kit is mind-blowing to me. You get all of this stuff for only $34! I would expect to pay that much just for the shadows. At this price, not only should you grab one for yourself, but grab some for Christmas gifts as well. These would make great gifts for any age. Throw in a mascara for a complete eye look.

This kit is sold through Sephora and www.anastasia.net. Click HERE for the direct link.

I also recommend you follow Anastasia on their Facebook page. They give away products all the time. You do not want to miss out!

Comment below if you will be purchasing this kit for yourself or someone else. I have a mini lash-genius for one lucky commentor. If you already own this kit, what do you think about it?

**Sent for review by PR

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