Wishlist Wednesday- Wish my house was finished!

Today, I am not wishing for more beauty products. Today, I am wishing that my house was finished!

We bought this new house in August and had to gut most of it and completely remodel because it had not been updated since the 60's and it was apparent in the decor.

I have my own beauty room and it is almost finished, the kitchen may possibly be finished next Monday if the counter tops come in.

My bedroom and expanding the bathroom in my room, are the next project. That will probably take the longest time.

The upstairs is the kids' area. The only change we did was putting a washer/dryer unit in their bathroom closet. I painted my daughter's room. Other than that, we aren't putting a bunch of money into the upstairs at this time. Kids will be kids, and it will not be taken care of.... we will update their bathroom possibly next year.

We did get a new heat/air unit and a metal roof put on. I still want a new door to match the roof.

We have been living with my husband's parents in the mean time which is only two houses down. They are lovely and everything, but I miss having privacy and freedom that only comes with living on your own.

Have you ever remodeled a house?

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