Dupe alert- Estee Lauder Pop Pink

The bonus of having your makeup room organized is being able to compare items from your collection that you forgot that you had!

While trying on my Loreal Blushing Sequin lipstick, I started thinking it looked a lot like my Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss Stick in Pop Pink.... so... I had to compare the two.

Left is Loreal and right is EL. This photo is with flash. You can see they are nearly identical.

Top Loreal and bottom is EL. When swatched with flash, you can see that the Loreal is a little more warm toned and the EL is a little more cool toned.

Left is Loreal and right is EL. Again, they are nearly identical.

Left is Loreal and right is L with no flash. The EL is more pigmented, but still the color is nearly identical.

I would say these are so close that you do not need both. I love and use both, especially in the summer. They both give the look of a gloss and are hydrating on the lips. When I Googled the Pop Pink gloss stick, I could not find it for sale, so it may be discontinued. If you want it I would check your local counter or CCO. If you already have it and love it, at least now you can find this dupe that is very similar and save a little money.

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