Going on a no buy!

No one person should own 30 different foundations, but I do. I could go a year without purchasing foundation and still have some left over.

With that said, I am considering going on a no buy for 2013 and only using up what I have.

Of course, there will be exclusions. Things I use daily will run out and have to be replaced.

I watched Pinksofoxy on YouTube and she was de-cluttering her stash and saying she was going on a no buy for 2013 that she called "Make Out 2013". She was allowing herself 10 items for the whole year to purchase and her exception was things she used daily that would need replaced. Watch video below:

Now that I have made my decision, I have to set my rules.

Here are my exclusions for myself:

QVC kits that I review for my blog.

Refills of items I use up- skincare, hair products, nail polish remover etc.

Gifts from others or items I get for free.


Things I can not purchase that I need to use up:

Foundation, concealer, powder, lipgloss, liquid liner or any other wet product I own that needs to be used up, nail polish (except for the free Julep boxes I have left from referrals).

I will allow myself one purchase per month to feed my addiction :).

This will start Jan 1, 2013 and end Nov 1, 2013. That way I can shop the holiday deals this time next year with no guilt.

Who wants to do this with me?

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