Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope you all had a great day!

I started off having pumpkin pancakes for breakfast with my family. I then tried to take a nap while the ham cooked, but my sister-in-law came over and had me do her makeup.

Photo: Brother and sister love<3
husband and sister-in-law

I then drank some wine while the rest of dinner was cooking. We said a blessing then ate a large dinner consisting of turkey and ham and all the fixins.

After we were good and stuffed, we went out the theatre and watched Breaking Dawn 2. Last year we saw #1 on Thanksgiving. Next year will be the second installment of The Hunger Games-Catching Fire.

I have now washed my face and am heading to bed. I have to work tomorrow :(.

I hope you all had a blessed day. I truly feel blessed!

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