New Job!

I am starting my new job tomorrow! I'm happy to finally have a job after looking for months. The pay is not great, but it is close to home and the job is easy. I will be assistant manager at a little shop close by that sells used items in booths, but on a nicer scale than the Peddler's malls here. It is clean and neat and tidy.

Makeup is fun, but it is really hard to make money freelancing year round, especially in areas like where I live. If I had my choice, I would do nothing but makeup! My dream job would be Lisa Eldridge's life!!!

I still haven't heard back from some of the interviewer's, and will die if the high paying job ends up calling and offering me the job. I just couldn't turn down an offer in hopes that another job calls. If they didn't call, I wouldn't have a job. What would you do in this situation if they did call and offer the job? Would you quit the job you just started and take it, or turn it down even though it is more money and more of a career opportunity? Part of me hopes that they never call.

Anyway, I may be tired this week and not posting much.... I will be doing some videos soon, though!

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