Anastasia HYPERCOLOR review and tutorial

The Anastasia HYPERCOLOR brow and hair powder was developed as a safer alternative to chalk, without the damaging effects of chalk. It is meant to be a fun, temporary hair color, and meant to be washed out at the end of the day. It can transfer onto lighter clothing and sheets, so be careful when using. I recommend putting a towel or cloth over your lap to avoid fallout.
This product will be released to the public on December 26th and will be available exclusively at ULTA stores for the first few months. The colors will be sold individually at $12.50 each.
My thoughts will be posted below.

Fallout- please place a towel over your lap when using!
My Thoughts:
I find this product extremely easy to use. A complete novice could use this successfully. I recommend trying out different bases, such as wax and pomade, for more complete color saturation. I used a leave-in conditioner and it worked just fine, but something more sticky might work differently.
This little pot would last a long time considering how little is used at a time. It would probably do your whole head if that is what you were going for.
I find the price very reasonable. But, I find that Anastasia always has very reasonable pricing on their products in general.
This is a very fun and easy way to have variety in your hair without commitment! A lot of us work or go to school in environments that do not allow unnatural hair colors and this would be perfect for a weekend look and be able to wash it out before Monday.
I would recommend giving this a shot!!!!


Maci actually brushed hers after application and she got this softer watercolor look to her hair.

Anyone remember Melanie Martinez and her half blue hair on The Voice?
I suspect this product or one similar created that look :)

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